We are a worldwide organisation with members in over 90 countries across five continents. Our community is made up of individuals and organisations from a diverse range of backgrounds that span the health professions educator sector. Doctors, nurses, teachers, lecturers, dentists, veterinarians, surgeons and many, many more have all joined AMEE to come together with the aim of bettering education in their field and supporting colleagues around the world in achieving excellence.

AMEE promotes that excellence in health professions education internationally at all levels of study, from entry level disciplines to Masters programmes and PhD Research. Together with other organisations, we support teachers and institutions in their current educational activities while advising them on new developments, advances and methodologies.

We believe in promoting excellence in health professions education internationally by:

  • Promoting the sharing of information through networking, conferences, publications and online activities
  • Identifying improvements in traditional approaches and supporting innovation in curriculum planning, teaching and learning, assessment and education management
  • Encouraging research in the field of health professions education
  • Promoting the use of evidence-informed education
  • Setting standards for excellence in healthcare professions education
  • Acknowledging achievement both at an individual and an institutional level
  • Recognising the global nature of health professions education
  • Influencing the continuing development of health professions education through collaboration with relevant national, regional and international bodies.


What we do

AMEE is a connector, supporter and information hub for health professions education specialists and professionals, as well as those with an interest in driving the development of the sector forward. We do this through a number of different channels and activities designed to achieve our mission of excellence in health professions education, as well as to benefit each individual and institution on a professional level.

Building a connected community

We bring together healthcare professionals, educators, students and institutions from around the world and connect them through our community, creating a network for collaboration, innovation and recognition. Ideas are shared, opportunities are created, and health professions education is improved, through the interactions and initiatives our community drives forward.

Annual conferences

The biggest event on the AMEE calendar each year is our annual conference. Professionals and educators from around the world and from all healthcare sectors come together to hear and see new developments and techniques first hand, discuss ideas - network and collaborate, get involved in hands on workshops, and gain resources to help achieve excellence in their working environment.

Learning and development

We run our own set of skills and professional development programmes designed to provide additional essential training in a number of areas crucial for attaining the highest quality in healthcare education. These programmes run as face to face courses and masterclasses, or as online sessions which fit around a busy schedule. Some of these programmes take place at our annual conference, while others run at times throughout the year.

Webinars and Events

Members of our community run regular webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics which range from important practical issues happening at the time, to academic studies and points of thought. Every webinar is recorded and kept in our webinar archive which members have full access to. With over 200 hours of content there is a wealth of information and ideas in the archive to explore.


We produce a large amount of print and digital content each year through a number of different mediums.

  • The Medical Teacher Journal, published 12 times a year, is one of the foremost publications for information and innovation in the Healthcare education sector. Our members have the benefit of discounted submission, making it far easier and more affordable to have your work recognised officially.
  • The MedEdPublish platform is an open access official e-journal that enables academics, teachers, clinicians, researchers and students to publish their experiences, views and research findings relating to teaching, learning and assessment in medical and health professions education.
  • Our range of AMEE education guides cover a range of topical issues at a great level of detail and are designed to provide information, practical advice and support to teachers for curriculum and staff development.
  • BEME (Best Evidence Medical Education) guides are of interest to a range of stakeholders in the healthcare professions including teachers, curriculum developers, administrators and researchers.

We have formed a number of committees arounds different themes, tasks and areas of expertise. Each committee is made up of subject matter experts who are passionate about the focus of their committee, and who help guide AMEE on these subjects.


We provide a platform of recognition for professionals, educators and students through a number of different platforms. Our ASPIRE programme gives institutions the opportunity to be officially awarded titles of excellence for different aspects of their approach to learning. Members also have the option after some time with AMEE to apply for Associate Fellowship or Fellowship, solidifying their dedication to the highest quality healthcare education.


AMEE is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, General Secretary/Treasurer, six committee members, one Junior Doctor Representative, one student member nominated by IFMSA and one student member nominated by EMSA. Find out more about our Executive Committee and how we are governed.

The Annual General Meeting

The 2022 AMEE AGM took place at our annual conference, and was open to all of our members joining either in person, or virtually online.  

View the 2022 Agenda

Partnerships and Collaborations

We work with regional centres and experts to create local branches of AMEE, further disseminating expertise and awareness.

Best Evidence Medical Education

AMEE is a founder member of the Best Evidence Medical Education Collaboration. As an international group of individuals, universities and professional organisations, the collaboration is committed to the development of evidence-informed education in the medical and health professions.

By supporting those who educate healthcare professionals, AMEE aims to ultimately improve the quality of healthcare. We have an obligation to support health professions educators across the world and we are in a unique position to do so.

Subha Ramani - AMEE President

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