AMEE is the European regional association of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and a member of the WFME Executive Council. Several European national medical education associations are corporate members of AMEE and over the past decade AMEE has developed steadily both in size, and in the sphere of its activities. We are now a worldwide association with over 30,000 contacts and members part of our community, spanning over 130 countries.

In 2000, AMEE became recognised as a Scottish Charity – SC031618.

Our Founders

Founded in 1972 in Copenhagen, we were set up to foster communication among the medical educators part of 350 medical schools across 31 countries in the European Region, and to support the organisation of national associations for medical education.

Our founding meeting took place in the regional office of the World Health Organisation in Denmark, by a group of professionals involved in medical education in their own countries as well as internationally. Our founders were:

  • Henry Walton (University of Edinburgh, Editor of Medical Education, UK),
  • G. Lotti (President, Italian Centre for Medical Education at the Villa Nobel, San Remo, Italy),
  • Spyros Dioxades (President, Hellenic Society for Study of Medical Education, Athens, Greece),
  • J-F. d’Ivernois (University of Bobigny, France),
  • Gunnar Stroem (University of Uppsala, Sweden),
  • Ole Harlem (President, Norwegian Medical Association, Oslo, Norway),
  • J-H Segovia (President, Spanish Society of Medical Education, Madrid, Spain),
  • Wojtczak (Director of Medical Education, Ministry of Health in Warsaw, Poland)
  • Stephan Róssner (King Gustav V Institute, Stockholm, Sweden),
  • Herman Tiddens (Nijmegen University, The Netherlands) and
  • Hans Pauli (Institute for Research in Medical Education, University of Berne, Switzerland).
  • Leo Kaprio, Regional Director, European Regional Office of WHO in Copenhagen
  • Wieslaw Tysarowski, Chief of Medical Education and Research, European Regional Office of WHO in Copenhagen
  • Dr T. Fulop representing the WHO Geneva headquarters.


AMEE through the years

Since our founding we have grown steadily in scope and size, as well as reputation. Originally with a core focus of hosting yearly conferences for the healthcare professions education community and its development, these conferences have visited locations across Europe and beyond, connecting with professionals, educators, practitioner and students, bringing them together into one central community with a shared purpose and goal. Our conferences have been the site of many important discussions and collaborative activities that paved the way for positive developments and changes within the theory and practise of healthcare professions education around the world.

Growing from that over the years AMEE began hosting online webinars, ESME programmes that focus on the critical needs of healthcare educators around the world, guides and publications that help teachers and staff with curriculum and practice, as well as the Medical Teacher journal, and the e-journal MedEdPublish. Alongside these, AMEE has become a central community of sharing, collaboration, innovation and support within the health professions education community. Professionals from a variety of disciplines and fields of healthcare practice come together to network, and develop our sector for a global benefit.

For more detail on AMEE’s history and development, see the informative paper by Andrzej Wojtczak, a Past President of AMEE: The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE): its conception and development (2010)

AMEE is more and more recognized as a source of educational expertise and innovative approaches, and the AMEE conferences have become the world forum for educators with responsibilities in all stages of medical and healthcare professions education

Professor Andrzej Wojtczak MD, PhD

Appointment of the 2024 Conference Programme Chair

Jen Cleland has been appointed as the Programme Chair of the AMEE 2024 Conference.


Winners of the 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant Announced

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the AMEE 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant.