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November 2022 Blog: Dr Tripti Srivastava Waghmare - A Welcome From The Programme Committee

Meet Dr Tripti Srivastava Waghmare - a member of the AMEE 2023 Programme Committee.


October 2022 Blog: Introducing Problem Based Learning to Junior Medical Students

Read about the experience of introducing Problem Based Learning (PBL) to Junior Medical Students at Gulf Medical University.


October 2022 Blog: Unlocking the Next Level Potential of Human Interactions

Find out more about Appreciative Inquiry, and the 5 D's of Mentorship with Dr. Farah Azhar from the Gulf Medical University, UAE.


October 2022 Blog: Challenging traditional student roles

Explore how, through observation and reflection, peer teachers may identify valuable practices to apply in their lessons.


October 2022 Blog: Co-designing planetary health education with and for health professional students

Discover more about the AMEE-funded research project at Monash University, Australia, which aimed to explore how to develop an innovative planetary health curriculum co-designed with and for health professional students.


October 2022 Blog: PubMed Announcement

MedEdPublish has been accepted for indexing in PubMed! This major milestone provides further validation of the rigour of the Platform’s publishing model, as well as recognition for the quality of the research published on MedEdPublish so far.


September 2022 Blog: AMEE Member Spotlight - Dr Megan Anakin

This month's member spotlight features Dr Megan Anakin from the University of Otago, Dunedin and Christchurch, New Zealand.


September 2022 Blog: Reflections on AMEE Lyon 2022

Read the reflections on AMEE Lyon 2022 from AMEE's own Claire MacRae.


September 2022 Blog: Why should we have mentorship programs in all our medical schools?

Why should we have mentorship programs in all our medical schools? A call to action.


September 2022 Blog: Reflections on attending AMEE Lyon 2022 virtually in real time

Read the experience of Prof Andy Wearn from the University of Auckland, NZ, in joining AMEE Lyon 2022 online.


July 2022 Blog: Connection in Health Professions Education

Hear from Dr. Jacqueline P. Ashby from the University of British Colombia in her latest update on Health Professional Education.


July 2022 Blog: Decolonisation and Diversification of Medical Education

Hear from Professor Olanrewaju Sorinola on Decolonisation and Diversification of Medical Education.




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