Engage with the latest blog and updates from AMEE's own Professor Harden and hear his thoughts on the latest news in Health Professions Education, or browse through the archive of his blog posts.

June 2022: What about Avatars?

Professor Harden asks What about Avatars?, and discusses an opportunity for networking, and face-to-face vs online learning.


February 2022: Clinical teaching after COVID-19

Professor Harden discusses matters such as Clinical teaching after COVID-19, Why a medical school should engage in research in medical education, and should important topics not be addresses in the final slot in a conference?


December 2021: Individual Learning, is it feasible?

Professor Harden addresses questions such as Individualising learning, is it feasible?, Face-to-face or virtual conferences? and more.


November 2021: Medical Education Presentations

Professor Harden discusses Medical Education Presentations, evidence of student engagement, faculty development, and the OSCE in Russia.


October 2021: Student Engagement

Professor Harden discusses student engagement, Edward De Bono, lecture notes shared online, and being Zoomed out.


September 2021: Developments in Competency-Based Medical Education

Professor Harden discusses Developments in Competency-Based Medical Education, Remote working effectiveness, Exposure of residents to patients with COVID resulting in higher rates of burnout, and more.


July 2021: A vision for the future

Professor Harden discusses a vision for the future and important current issues.


June 2021: Testing a New Idea

Professor Harden addresses Testing a new idea, Open-book examinations, and The need to think outside the box in planning for the future.


May 2021: Getting the endings right

Professor Harden discusses Getting the endings right, Escape Rooms - an educational tool, Taking responsibility for equity, and more.


April 2021: The New Norm

Professor Harden discusses The New Norm: A changed role for students, and Reducing the length of medical training.


March 2021: The New Norm

Professor Harden discusses The New Norm – Unwarranted expectations, The FAIR principles, and Do assessors across the UK agree when evaluating students?


December 2020: Paradox of our time

Professor Harden addresses topics such as The paradox of our time, University rankings need a rethink, Where are we with the flipped classroom?, Are we making the most effective use of the time available?, Whale Done! and more!


November 2020: The Barmaids Brain

Professor Harden discusses The Barmaid's Brain and How to be more interesting, the undervalued advantage of working in the office, and The professor who publishes a paper every two days.


October 2020: Meeting in a Virtual World

Professor Harden looks back at the AMEE 2020 Virtual Conference and discusses some of the ideas presented during it, Metric fixation, Where is your school on the Assessment PROFILE, and more...


September 2020: Effect Exams have on Students

Professor Harden discusses the effect examinations have on students' behaviour, the benefits of more immersive training for medical students, and more


July 2020: Excellence in Teaching

Professor Harden discusses what is teaching excellence, and educational responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and more


June 2020: Investing in our Students

Professor Harden discusses investing in our students, What should students learn, that as teachers we are not meaningless, and motivation.


May 2020: Magnolias and change

Professor Harden discusses how Magnolias have continued to evolve and the same is true of the different developments we see in medical education.




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