The core mission of AMEE is to inspire excellence, collaboration and scholarship in the field of health professions education (HPE). In 2014, AMEE launched the Fellowship (FAMEE) and Associate Fellowship (AFAMEE) programme to support these goals and established the AMEE Fellowship Committee to design, implement and revise the programme.

The mission of the AMEE Fellowship Committee is to encourage health professions educators worldwide to advance their scholarship, strengthen the recognition of excellence at their own institution as well as the global HPE community, and to advance scholarship and career development among the next generation educators.

The Fellowship Committee evaluates, nominates and appoints AMEE Associate Fellows and Fellows. AFAMEEs are members of AMEE who have demonstrated their commitment to health professions education through scholarly presentations and contributions to AMEE. They comprise a spectrum of scholars from early to mid-career. FAMEEs are members recognized for leadership and excellence at the national and international levels, with a consistent commitment to peer-reviewed scholarship, mentoring and extensive contribution to AMEE activities.

Our Projects

Evaluation of AFAMEE and FAMEE applicants

The Fellowship Committee has created criteria for nominating Associate Fellows and Fellows. Applications are first processed by the AMEE Office. The chair and the chair elect are in charge of the reviews and nominations of AFAMEEs and FAMEEs in consultation with members of the Committee for FAMEEs. Nominations are valid for five years. As of 2019, the AFAMEEs and FAMEEs nominated five years ago have been re-evaluated, highlighting their progress over these years.

Events and materials for health professions educators

To inspire scholarly advancement for health professions educators, the Fellowship Committee has delivered symposia, best-practice sessions and workshops at AMEE 2020, 2021 and 2022 conferences. These sessions have focussed on different types of scholarship and practical suggestions for progressing as educational scholars at their own institutions, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, members of the Committee have contributed to the AMEE guide on redefinition of the health professions education scholarship and other publications (Cleland et al. 2021; Ramani et al. 2021, ten Cate 2021).

Webinars for the AFAMEEs 

In the last two years, the Fellowship Committee has organized webinars for AFAMEEs between AMEE conferences. Online events are also important for the inclusion of the AMEE community, because not all AMEE members are able to participate in on-site conferences and events. In these webinars, experienced Fellows have facilitated discussion and reflection on multiple forms and pathways of scholarship and practical advice on contributing to AMEE. These low-threshold online events have received positive feedback and will continue. 

Mentor models for professional growth

Mentoring plays a vital role in one’s scholarly progress and professional growth. A subgroup of the Fellowship Committee created a speed mentoring model that was successfully implemented at AMEE conferences in 2018 and 2019 (Ramani et al. 2020) and a mentoring PCW at AMEE 2022. These sessions aimed to connect novice and mid-career educators with international educational leaders and scholars and the mentoring PCW focussed on mentor development. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the creation of an innovative mentoring model, combining speed mentoring and world café in an online environment (McKimm et el. 2020). This innovative model of online mentoring reached health professions educators across the globe and has supported them in scholarly progress, professional growth and networking.


Being appointed as an AMEE Associate Fellow or AMEE Fellow is an important step in the career of a health professions educator. AMEE wishes to show an appreciation for this achievement and thereby shares the bios and photos of newly appointed AFAMEEs and FAMEEs in the AMEE newsletter and social media.


Our Committee

  • Eeva Pyorala - Chair
  • Rashmi Kusurkar - Chair Elect
  • Subha Ramani - Past Chair
  • Ming-Jun Ho
  • Pat Lilley
  • Johnny Lyon Maris
  • Madalena Folque Patricio
  • Gary D. Rogers
  • Daisy Rotzoll
  • Dujeepa D. Samarasekera
  • David Taylor
  • Olle ten Cate

  • Trevor Gibbs and Trudie Roberts were key actors in establishing the AMEE Fellowship program. They served until the end of 2022 in the committee. We wish to thank them for their commitment to the committee and the AMEE Fellowship program over the years.

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