Introducing the new MedEdPublish publishing Platform! In November 2021, The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) partnered with open research publisher F1000 to migrate MedEdPublish onto a new publishing Platform utilizing F1000’s trailblazing technology.

The new MedEdPublish

The new MedEdPublish offers researchers, scholars, and clinicians working in medical and health professions education a dedicated space to share and promote all their research outputs rapidly and transparently. The migration to the F1000-powered Platform also enables a smoother submission process and increased author engagement with reviewers while remaining within the supportive AMEE community of practice.

MedEdPublish champions open research principles by immediately publishing articles, followed by transparent and open peer review with the inclusion of all supporting data and materials. The names of the reviewers are open, as well as their reviews, which are also citable, whilst article-level metrics continuously track the scientific and social impact of publications.
The Platform migration brings a few changes to MedEdPublish, including the introduction of Article Processing Charges (APCs), which are to be paid upon publication. This transparent fee is designed to cover all costs associated with publication and varies depending on article type in recognition of the varying editorial time and effort involved in publishing different article types. Accepted authors can go on to revise their articles as often as they would like with no additional charge!

All AMEE members are eligible to receive a 5% discount to publish on MedEdPublish. To apply this, authors must enter their AMEE membership number during submission.

Benefitting researchers

So why should researchers choose to publish on MedEdPublish? First and foremost, MedEdPublish is a scientifically robust open access publishing venue. By this, we mean that the editorial policies and guidelines are of the highest scientific standards. Each article undergoes rigorous open peer-review thus contributing to transparency in research and scientific debate. The underlying data are made open, contributing to the reproducibility of research.

On the new Platform, authors are actively involved in the selection of reviewers for their work, as we believe they are best placed to identify those in their field who have the knowledge needed to review their article. However, peer review is administered on behalf of the authors by our Editorial team, and authors are asked not to contact the reviewers directly. Suggested reviewers are still required to meet strict ethical criteria, but with our open and transparent peer review process, we hope to engage a much wider portion of the medical education community!
Additionally, MedEdPublish supports a range of article types across all subjects related to medical and health professions education. The Platform accepts traditional Research Articles and non-traditional formats such as Data Notes, Method Articles, Registered Reports, Study Protocols, and more. Meaning no matter what form your research takes, it has the potential to make a real-world impact.  

Finally, with all research published with unrestricted access to research and research data, we can accelerate further research and create a more equitable system of knowledge. Open access enables research to be more widely disseminated and therefore increases its potential to make a real-world impact. Research that is openly available has also been shown to receive increased views, downloads, and citations.

Get ready to submit your research

Since the Platform’s relaunch in November 2021, over 30 articles have been published (with many already passing peer review)! We are currently in the process of applying to PubMedCentral, and should we be successful, articles that have achieved the ‘approved’ peer review status will be indexed in PMC. Until then, all articles will continue to be listed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and other search engines. 

Before you submit your article to MedEdPublish, you must make sure your research data complies with our progressive Open Data Policy, and that you’ve prepared your data according to our rigorous Data Guidelines. We strongly believe that making research data open can accelerate the pace of discovery, provide credit and recognition for authors, and improve public trust in research. Enabling access to the data underlying your results also supports reproducibility and reuse, regardless of your field of study.  

The new Platform recognises the trend to open access publishing by the health professions education community, and we are excited to continue to watch the growth of MedEdPublish in the years to come. Through MedEdPublish, we aim to promote collegiality and scholarship among authors, reviewers, and readers to enhance health professions education internationally.
We invite you to read the articles already published on the Platform. If you have any feedback on the newly migrated Platform or have any questions regarding submitting to the Platform, please send your comments and questions to [email protected]