October 2022

October 2022 Podcast: Proposing Medical Education Trends (MeET) podcast series latest episode 

As a health professions education enthusiast, I am trying to read new educational articles everyday and find interesting topics, but I often find it difficult and sometimes less interesting. I find it difficult because I must review various journals and select few articles which are mainly in text and need my full attention, time and focus. And I find it less interesting because I sometimes wonder If we could think outside the box in health professions education and publish thought provoking, new and even odd materials.

These two issues made me wonder if I can do something different about it which is easy to use for all levels of heath professionals and also engaging. So while talking with my mentor, professor Mirzazadeh, we came up with the idea of Medical Education Trends (MeET) podcast series that is supported by Iranian Society of Medical Educationists (IRSOME) and where I can discuss trending topics in health professions education with experts.

We started recording the podcast based on trending topics and latest educational articles. We recorded 7 episodes since April 2021 about topics like; AI in medical education, digital clinical competencies, medical education in developing countries, training 21st-century family physicians, climate change in medical education, space medicine and research labs in medical education, which all provided me with the chance to meet and interview great experts in their fields. This was just the beginning of the story of MeET podcast and we have a long way ahead of us.

I hope you all enjoy listening to it.

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Kind regards

Mehrdad Heravi, M.D
Primary care physician
MSc student of health professions education
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran