Simulated Patient Feedback Styles in Different Cultures

Simulated Patient Feedback Styles in Different Cultures
Simulated Patient (SP) Feedback Styles in Different Cultures.  SPs are in a unique position to provide feedback to learners.  National, local and institutional cultures will affect feedback delivery as well as reception.  This webinar will explore opportunities and challenges in optimizing post encounter SP feedback.

This webinar is part of the AMEE Spring series 2023 which focuses on Inclusive Learning Environments to Transform the Future.

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When?  May 30th, 2023 from 12pm until 1pm UK time

Who is presenting?  Elizabeth Kachur (USA); Claudia Schlegel (Switzerland); Claudia Arancibia Salvo (Chile); Keiko Abe (Japan);   Nicola Ngiam (Singapore); Reem Alajmi (Saudi Arabia); Tanya Tierney (Singapore); Valena Peters (Barbados) 

Who should attend? All are welcome but this webinar is likely to be of particular interest to those involved in simulated patient recruitment and training, as well as those with a more general interest in feedback and / or cross-cultural differences.

Theme: Feedback and debriefing are essential elements of teaching.  Guidelines and models have been developed to enhance their effectiveness (e.g., ASPE Standards of Best Practice).  Yet programs sometimes stumble over cultural norms and conventions that hinder SPs from following guidelines and that prevent learners from achieving the desired learning gains.  For example, what may be perceived as appropriate frankness by some, can be viewed as aggressive approach by others. To make feedback useful it must be heard and processed.  SPs need cultural literacy to optimize their feedback effectiveness.  Training programs need effective strategies to prepare SPs for mono-cultural and cross-cultural feedback. 

The International Committee of ASPE aims to explore and improve SP-related training around the globe.  This webinar will investigate feedback practices from different parts of the world to illustrate the spectrum of approaches.  It will also sensitize participants to conflicts that may arise in cross-cultural encounters or when trying to introduce new feedback models.  Together we will explore some strategies for SP feedback training and monitoring.   

Speaker bios:

Dr Elizabeth Krajic Kachur (lead presenter) is the Director of Medical Education Development, Global Consulting, and an AMEE Fellow. She is based in New York City and works as consultant with multiple institutions in the US and elsewhere. Her medical education practice spans from curriculum to faculty development, learner assessment to programme evaluation. 

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30/05/2023 12:00 - 13:00

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