ASPIRE Award Programme Deadline Approaching: Submit your Application by the 28th of February 2023


The ASPIRE Award Programme was established to recognise and reward world-class excellence in health professions education beyond traditional accreditation processes. This programme identifies, showcases, and exemplifies best practices, improving the education process and outcomes of institutions around the world.  

Medical, dental, and veterinary schools from around the world are invited to apply each year to submit their greatest achievements in a variety of areas. The submissions are assessed against the defined criteria for excellence by panels of international leaders and experts in the field. 

Winning an ASPIRE-to-Excellence award comes with a number of reputational benefits, highlighting institutions nationally and internationally as global leaders in the awarded areas.  

The ASPIRE Award Programme recognises excellence in a range of categories, including:  

  • Student Assessment     
  • Student Engagement 
  • Social Accountability 
  • Faculty Development 
  • Simulation 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Technology Enhanced Learning 
  • International Collaboration in Health Professions Education 
  • Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education 

Winning institutions can clearly demonstrate to their students, staff, and other stakeholders that the quest for excellence in education is part of their school's vision and mission, and that the educational experience in the awarded areas is among the best available in the world. Institutions also become part of an exclusive network of ASPIRE-winning schools recognised for their excellence in education.  

The deadline for the submission for all categories, except Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education, is the 28th of February 2023.   

To apply, download and complete the application form for your chosen area of assessment and return the completed form to [email protected]. Once submitted, each application is reviewed by a team of three assessors who submit their report to be considered by the relevant ASPIRE panel. Recommendations from the panel are then endorsed by the ASPIRE Board. 

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your institution's excellence in education. Submit your application to the ASPIRE Award Programme by the 28th of February 2023.  

The AMEE Team