Submissions for the 2023 ASPIRE International Recognition of Excellence in Medical Education awards are now open!

Application deadlines:

  • Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education -1 November 2022 (Submit a letter of interest to [email protected] before this date to apply)
  • All other categories - 28 February 2023

    The ASPIRE programme acknowledges the importance of teaching alongside research as a mission of the medical school. The programme was established to go beyond the traditional accreditation process and recognise that the education programme in a medical school can be subject to peer review against an agreed set of standards or benchmarks that identify world-class excellence in education.

    The winning schools are highlighted nationally and internationally as having an exceptional excellence in teaching and learning, supporting the importance of both teaching and research as a core mission of the institution.


    Areas of Excellence: 

    All Medical, Dental and Veterinary practices and institutions are welcome to apply, for the following areas of excellence:

  • Student Assessment
  • Student Engagement
  • Social Accountability
  • Faculty Development
  • Simulation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • International Collaboration in Health Professions Education

    Visit the ASPIRE pages on the AMEE website  to find out more about each category to download the application forms.