Our range of AMEE education guides cover a variety of topical issues at a great level of detail and are designed to provide information, practical advice and support to teachers for curriculum, staff development, and students looking at specific topics. 

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The AMEE guides cover a wide variety of topics across 6 core areas of Health Professions Education: Curriculum Planning, Research in Medical Education, Education Management, Teaching and Learning, Theories in Medical Education, and Assessment. Written and created by professionals and experts in these areas, our guides provide a valuable resource and insight into the theory and practise of excellence in each area.  

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Appointment of the 2024 Conference Programme Chair

Jen Cleland has been appointed as the Programme Chair of the AMEE 2024 Conference.


Winners of the 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant Announced

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the AMEE 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant.