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Your membership can be renewed within 30 days of its end date, simply login to your account and press the Renew button that will appear underneath the profile image on your My Account page, to start the renewal process. The Renewal button will only appear on your profile page from 30 days before your anniversary date. If you wish to renew earlier please contact [email protected]

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How long can I renew for?

The length of time you can renew your AMEE membership for depends on the type of membership you are renewing: 

  • If you are an Individual member of AMEE, you can choose to renew your membership for another one year term, or a two year term. 
  • Institutional members have the option of a one year term renewal.
  • Student Members are able to renew their membership for another one year term. Proof of your ongoing student status is required to complete the renewal. If you have graduated, or are graduating soon Individual membership applies.
  • Professionals and students from developing nations are able to renew memberships for a one year term. 

    If you have any questions about your membership or the renewal process, please contact us by emailing [email protected]


  • Appointment of the 2024 Conference Programme Chair

    Jen Cleland has been appointed as the Programme Chair of the AMEE 2024 Conference.


    Winners of the 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant Announced

    We are delighted to announce the recipients of the AMEE 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant.