Virtway Event Platform


AMEE 2020: The Virtual Conference will be delivered using the Virtway Event Platform

Virtway offers a unique and innovative 3D experience which is quick and easy to use allowing delegates to connect and interact from anywhere in the world

The advanced 3D technology allows delegates the ability to talk with each other using their own voice in real time through customizable avatars, interacting as in real life. It's like being present at the AMEE Conference, but at a distance.

How to interact in the virtual conference

This short video will guide you through all the ways you can interact in the Virtway platform.

Learn how to move, talk, clap and even teleport!  Also, get tips on how to maximize your audio experience with headphones and a microphone.

Once you've seen these videos, you'll be more than ready to become involved in AMEE 2020: The Virtual Conference!

Delegate Demo  View Video

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