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About AMEE Committees

In 2011 the Executive Committee identified the need to form additional committees in order to promote AMEE’s activities in specific areas and this was approved by the General Assembly.  Four Committees were convened composed of AMEE members with recognised expertise in the areas.

A further two Committees were convened to address Faculty Development and CPD in the healthcare professions educations in 2017.


Remit of a Committee

An AMEE committee will contribute to AMEE’s mission of advancing best practice and excellence in medical education through:

Planning and participation in AMEE’s annual conference

  • Plan a thread running through the conference
  • Propose plenary sessions, symposia and pre- and conference workshops
  • Review abstracts submitted for short communications and posters
  • Interact as appropriate with the work of other committees

Engage with stakeholders

  • Engage with individuals and organisations working in relation to the area addressed by the committee
  • Represent AMEE at related conferences and meetings at a national and international level
  • Represent in AMEE the views of individuals and organisations working in the field of the committee
  • Engage in collaborative work or projects as appropriate
  • Serve as a voice for AMEE in the global community and promote and publicise AMEE activities

Engage with AMEE projects and initiatives

  • Contribute as appropriate to AMEE’s activities including the ASPIRE-to-Excellence initiative, the Best Evidence in Medical Education collaboration and the ESME courses – both face to face and online
  • Initiate activities relating to the theme for the committee

Inform AMEE members

  • Keep AMEE members informed through MedEdWorld with regard to key developments in the area through contributions of news and notes items, reports of conferences and reference to papers and books published
  • Contribute to AMEE publications including MedEdPublish, Medical Teacher and AMEE Guides
  • Review papers published in MedEdPublish
  • Review papers submitted for consideration for publication in Medical Teacher

Provide information relating to the work of the committee

  • Maintain relevant information about the work of the committee on the AMEE website
  • Prepare a twice-yearly report for meetings of the AMEE Executive Committee
  • Prepare a short summary with regard to the committee’s work for the AMEE Annual Report

Promote scholarly work

  • Promote scholarly work in the area for which it is responsible

Advise AMEE

  • Provide advice to the AMEE Executive Committee and to the AMEE staff in relation to its area of responsibility

Technology Enhanced Learning

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Committee is to guide AMEE’s TEL and related activities. The focus is on enhancing teaching and learning by the use of general education technologies with special emphasis on the education pedagogies underlying their use.


The Postgraduate Committee was formed to: (1) Raise the profile and coverage of postgraduate medical education (PGME) in AMEE; (2) Cooperate with other committees on research and new and innovative developments at the AMEE conference; (3) Propose symposia/workshops each year that focus on crucial aspects of postgraduate medical education; and (4) Assist countries where postgraduate medical education is under developed.


The Research Committee believes that it is essential to provide opportunities to AMEE members across the continuum of health professions education with varying degrees of research experience. The activities below provide a spectrum of opportunities for feedback to AMEE members wishing to advance their research skills. The target of such activities is marked by level in the list below (N = novice; I = intermediate; E = expert). The AMEE Research Committee currently has monthly conference calls to discuss current and future activities.


The Simulation Committee was charged with responsibility to advise on how AMEE could engage in and promote simulation-based teaching and assessment, through the inclusion of sessions at the annual conference, the development of courses, guides and other materials, and the provision of support for AMEE members.



In September 2014, the general assembly of AMEE accepted a proposal to restructure its membership in three components: Members (the vast majority), Associate Fellows (hopefully a substantial number) and Fellows (a limited but significant group of leaders within AMEE).

The AMEE Fellowship Committee was established in 2014. The members are Inaugural Fellows of AMEE, meet the criteria for Fellowship and reflect the international membership of AMEE.

Members are appointed for three years in the first instance with the opportunity for renewal for a further three years.


Recognising the importance of CPD as a distinct place in healthcare professions education, a CPD Committee was established following a Meeting of the AMEE Executive Committee in February 2017.

Faculty Development

In February 2017, AMEE created a Faculty Development Committee:

  • To advance best practice and excellence in the development of health professional academic faculty across the globe
  • To provide advice to the AMEE Executive Committee and AMEE staff on the area of faculty and health professional educator development
  • To promote scholarly work in faculty and health professional educator development to and among the membership of AMEE
  • To oversee the selection of sites and appointment of conference organising committees for biennial International Conferences on Faculty Development in the Health Professions into the future
  • To develop and deliver a symposium on a current topic in faculty and health professional educator development at each AMEE conference that is not associated with an International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions
  • To consider and develop other global and regional activities to support and advance faculty and health professional educator development
  • To keep AMEE members informed about current issues and events in faculty and health professional educator development through MedEdWorld and MedEdPublish.

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