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Executive Committee

President: Professor Trevor Gibbs, UK
General Secretary/Treasurer: Professor Ronald M Harden, Dundee, UK

Committee Members:

Until 2023:

Dr Rashmi Kusurkar, the Netherlands
Dr Richard Fuller, UK

Until 2022:
Dr Subha Ramani, Boston, USA
Professor Tim Wilkinson, Christchurch, New Zealand

Until 2021:
Dr Janusz Janczukowicz, Lodz, Poland
Professor Jennifer Cleland, UK

Ex officio members:
AMEE Past-President: Professor Trudie Roberts, Leeds, UK
AMSE President:  Professor Harm Peters, Germany
WFME President:  Professor David Gordon, UK

Student Representatives:
Mr Abdullah Al-Khafajy, IFMSA Representative
Ms Philippa Lantwin, EMSA Representative

Junior Doctor Representative:
Dr Evangelos Papageorgiou, European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group

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