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Introduction to the Faculty Development Committee from committee members.


Forthcoming Faculty Development Webinar

Title: Faculty development through an organisational lens
Date: Thursday 3 February 2022
Time: 14:00hrs - 15:00hrs (UK Time) 
Presenters: Klodiana Kolomitro, Associate Vice-Principle (Teaching and Learning), Queens University, Canada; Joanne Hamilton, Director, Office of Educational and Faculty Development, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, Canada.

In this webinar the four frames of organizations, focusing on symbolic, political, structural and human resource factors in a Facutly Development context will be discussed. 

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Online FACDEV Journal Club

If you missed the first three journal clubs, why not view the recordings via the AMEE FacDev Community portal - just sign into your AMEE account, click on the 'communities list' and select 'FACDEV Community'. Use the 'follow community' button to subscribe to community updates and be the first to hear about future journal club events. It's free to set up an AMEE account and you don't need to be a member to access the community. You will be able to find our recordings within the Discussions area - click on our Journal Club to view them. Detail for the next journal club will be announced shortly.

Medical Teacher Special Themed issue

For anyone interested in research and innovations in faculty development, the August 2021 issue of Medical Teacher is a must-read. The issue contains 6 research papers and 12 innovation reports on faculty development. Innovation reports describe a number of topics, including how faculty development can empower personal agency, form educator identity, improve clinical supervision, engage students in health professions education, offer narrative medicine, and design simulation-based learning. The research papers explore the nature of informal learning, mentorship, leadership, professional identity, and faculty development through an organizational lens. These publications also underscore how faculty development is a striking example of promoting adaptive expertise. Both faculty members and faculty developers need to demonstrate the ability to adapt to novel, uncertain or complex situations while maintaining their competence in routine circumstances. This issue highlights current innovations, new research agendas, and important topics in faculty development. Don’t miss out.

6th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions

In association with AMEE 2021, the 6th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions with the conference title “Faculty Development in Times of Extraordinary Change” was held online on Saturday 28th August 2021. The goals of the conference were:

  • To share and discuss how faculty developers promote and demonstrate adaptive expertise in the context of change
  • To address how faculty development(ers) utilize(s) change science/change management approaches in their work at individual and institutional levels.
  • To provide a forum for shared learning across the global faculty development community

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Research Grant

The Faculty Development Committee of AMEE is interested in promoting research in faculty development. With a budget of £7000 (no facilities and administration fee), the committee anticipates funding one grant in the coming year. The committee will exclude program development and evaluation proposals. The committee will accept pre-proposals until December 7, 2021, and if invited, full proposals will be accepted until February 15, 2022 following the same format used for other AMEE grants.

Read more about Faculty Development Research Grants

2021 Research grant winners

Dr. Mahwish Arooj, Pakistan, Impact of faculty development in medical education on educational identities of health professionals
Dr. Betty Onyura, Canada, Anti-Oppressive Faculty Development: Examining the Principles and Sustainability of HPE Programs

Committee Goals

In February 2017 the AMEE Executive Committee agreed to engage a Faculty Development Committee with the following terms of reference:

  • To advance best practices and excellence in the development of health professional academic faculty across the globe
  • To provide advice to the AMEE Executive Committee and AMEE staff on the area of faculty and health professional educator development
  • To promote scholarly work in faculty and health professional educator development to and among the membership of AMEE
  • To oversee the selection of sites and appointment of conference organising committees for biennial International Conferences on Faculty Development in the Health Professions into the future
  • To develop and deliver a symposium on a current topic in faculty and health professional educator development at each AMEE conference that is not associated with an International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions
  • To consider and develop other global and regional activities to support and advance faculty and health professional educator development
  • To keep AMEE members informed about current issues and events in faculty and health professional educator development through MedEdWorld and MedEdPublish.


The AMEE Faculty Development Committee consists of the following members:

Professor Yvonne Steinert (Canada) – Chair
Associate Professor Manuel João Tavares Mendes Costa (Portugal)
Professor Diana Dolmans (Netherlands)
Associate Professor Ardi Findyartini (Indonesia)
Professor Emeritus David Irby (USA)
Professor Karen Leslie (Canada) 
Professor Patricia O’Sullivan (USA) 
Professor Harm Peters (Germany)
Professor Olanrewaju Sorinola (UK)
Professor Tripti Srivastava (India)
Professor Susan van Schalkwyk (South Africa) 
Associate Professor Ruth Chen (Canada)
Dr Megan Anakin (New Zealand)
Associate Professor Da-ya Yang (China)
Dr Farhan Vakani (Pakistan)
Professor Eliana Amaral (Brazil)  













International Faculty Development Conference

Online Faculty Development Journal club (will require you to sign into your AMEE account to view)

Faculty Development Webinars


The Committee meets on a regular basis and holds a closed meeting at each AMEE conference. The committee also has open meetings with SIG members during the international meetings.


As an AMEE member you are welcome to visit the Faculty Development Committee exhibit during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have your say in what AMEE's involvement in Faculty Development should be.  

Search FacDev

“Search FacDev” is a custom search engine which indexes faculty development materials and publications. This initiative was developed by Dr. Yusuf Yilmaz and Dr. Teresa Chan from McMaster University - but they need you now to help improve it!
Search FacDev uses Google's custom search engine powered by the AMEE faculty development community - who can help to submit updates to the index regularly. The order of the results depend on the content’s ranking per Google’s proprietary search algorithm, but will take into account your location to help you filter resources relevant to you.
The current Search FacDev currently indexes various websites and health professions education journals. Anyone who uses the search engine can suggest content to be indexed by our editorial review board. If the content is not on a website, we can host the files on our website to be indexed in the search.
We are looking forward to your feedback. Visit us on


Yvonne Steinert
Chair - Faculty Development Committee

[email protected]

Last updated 06/01/2022

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