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Announcement for Special Issue in Medical Teacher on

Faculty Development Research and Innovation

Medical Teacher will publish a special issue of the journal in July 2021 on the theme of Research and Innovation in Faculty Development in the Health Sciences.

The editorial team would like to invite you to contribute either a research paper or an innovation report.  In order to complete peer-review and revision in time for our publication deadlines, we need to receive your proposed outline by January 26th 2020. Authors will be informed by April 1, 2020, if their outline has been selected or not. Full manuscripts will need to be received by September 1, 2020 at the latest.

By way of this email, we invite you to submit a proposed outline for a research paper or an innovation report.  

A research paper is an empirical study or review.  Key features of research papers include a clear problem statement and research questions, theoretical or conceptual framework, methodologically sound design, practical significance, innovative contribution, and clear writing (with an outline of 1000 words and a maximum of 3500 words for the final manuscript).

An innovation report describes an innovation in faculty development (with a maximum of 500 words, two references only, no tables/figures for the final manuscript). Key features of innovation reports include the following: Innovative, advances the field, clear problem statement, clear description of innovation, practically significant, sound evaluative data, and clearly written (with an outline of 300 words maximum).

The following mix of submissions will be prioritized: spread of authors across continents; contributions written by authors from different countries (cross-partner authorship); initiatives are conducted in resource-rich and resource-poor settings.

The submitted outlines will be reviewed by the editorial team. The final manuscripts/reports will be reviewed again, which might result in minor changes, major changes, or rejection. There are no guarantees at any stage of the selection process that the paper/report will be published in Medical Teacher.

Please include the following information in your proposed outline: Title of paper/report, corresponding author’s name, institution, address, contact information, and other authors’ names, institutions and addresses. Additional requirements for a research paper include: a structured abstract (see guidelines in Medical Teacher), to include a brief summary of the problem statement; theoretical or conceptual framework; research questions; study methods/research design; practical and theoretical significance of the topic; notes on contributors; and a maximum of 5 references (maximum 1000 words). Additional requirements for an innovation report include: A brief summary of what the problem was, what was done to solve it, why it was innovative, and what the evaluative data showed (maximum 300 words, 2 references).

Send your letter of intent to [email protected], before January 26, 2020.

Thank you for considering.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yvonne Steinert, Manuel João Tavares Mendes Costa, Susan Van Schalkwyk, Trevor Gibbs, and Diana Dolmans (the editorial team of this special issue)

In February 2017 the AMEE Executive Committee agreed to engage a Faculty Development Committee with the following terms of reference:

  • To advance best practices and excellence in the development of health professional academic faculty across the globe
  • To provide advice to the AMEE Executive Committee and AMEE staff on the area of faculty and health professional educator development
  • To promote scholarly work in faculty and health professional educator development to and among the membership of AMEE
  • To oversee the selection of sites and appointment of conference organising committees for biennial International Conferences on Faculty Development in the Health Professions into the future
  • To develop and deliver a symposium on a current topic in faculty and health professional educator development at each AMEE conference that is not associated with an International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions
  • To consider and develop other global and regional activities to support and advance faculty and health professional educator development
  • To keep AMEE members informed about current issues and events in faculty and health professional educator development through MedEdWorld and MedEdPublish.


The AMEE Faculty Development Committee consists of the following members:

  • Professor Yvonne Steinert (Canada) – Chair
  • Haruko Akatsu (Japan)
  • Eliana Amaral (Brazil)
  • Manuel João Tavares Mendes Costa (Portugal)
  • Diana Dolmans (Netherlands)
  • Ardi Findyartini (Indonesia)
  • David Irby (USA)
  • Karen Leslie (Canada) 
  • Clare Morris (UK)
  • Patricia O’Sullivan (USA) 
  • Harm Peters (Germany)
  • Gary Rogers (Australia) 
  • Olanrewaju Sorinola (UK)
  • Tripti Srivastava (India)  
  • Susan van Schalkwyk (South Africa) 


The Committee meets on a regular basis and a closed meeting will be held at AMEE 2019, Vienna, Austria. An open meeting with SIG members will also be held at that time. 


As an AMEE member you are welcome to visit the Faculty Development Committee exhibit during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have your say in what AMEE's involvement in Faculty Development should be.  We would also welcome your participation in our Faculty Development SIG.  

Special Interest Group (SIG)

We have now launched an AMEE Faculty Development Special Interest Group (SIG) and would like to offer our previous conference participants and Faculty Development committee members the opportunity to join.

If you are interested and you have not been asked to take part in a recent survey, please click on the snapshot below and select "Request to Join".


Faculty Development Research Grant

The Faculty Development Committee of AMEE is interested in promoting research in faculty development.  With a budget of £2000 (no facilities and administration fee), the committee anticipates funding one grant in the coming year.  The committee will exclude program development and evaluation proposals. The committee will accept pre-proposals until December 1, 2018, and if invited, full proposals will be accepted until March 1, 2019 following the same format used for other AMEE grants.

Read more about Faculty Development Research Grants

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