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The AMEE Fellowship Committee was established in 2014. The members are Inaugural Fellows and Fellows of AMEE and meet the criteria for Fellowship. The members reflect the international membership of AMEE.

Members are appointed for three years in the first instance with the opportunity for renewal for a further three years.


Responsibilities of the Committee

  1. To consider applications for Associate Fellowship and Fellowship.  This will be done within an agreed timetable.
  1. Applications for Associate Fellowship having been found by the AMEE office to meet the specified criteria will be endorsed by the Fellowship Committee.
  1. Review panels of three members with one member designated as lead will be set up to review applications for Fellowship.
  1. Decisions as to the award of Fellowship and Associate Fellowship will be communicated to the AMEE Executive.
  1. In addition to reviewing applications received, the Fellowship Committee will keep under review the criteria for Fellowship and Associate Fellowship, and as appropriate will make recommendations to the AMEE Executive Committee.
  1. The Fellowship Committee will collaborate with the AMEE office with regard to the review process.


  • Subha Ramani, USA (Chair)
  • Eeva Pyorala, Helsinki, Finland (Vice-Chair)
  • Trevor Gibbs, AMEE, UK
  • Pat Lilley, UK
  • Rashmi Kusurkar, VUmc School of Medical Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Madalena Patricio, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Trudie Roberts, Leeds, UK
  • Gary Rogers, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Dujeepa Samarasekera, YLL National University, Singapore
  • David Taylor, University of Liverpool, UK and Gulf Medical University, UAE
  • Olle ten Cate, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Ming-Jung Ho, national Taiwan University, Taipei
  • Johnny Lyon-Maris, Southampton, UK
  • Daisy Rotzoll, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Scott Johnstone, UK

Inaugural Fellows

  • Gert van Zyl, University of Free State, South Africa
  • Jen Cleland, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Jordi Pales, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Kati Hakkarainen, University of Tampere, Finland
  • Ming-Jung Ho, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Richard Hays, University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Larry Gruppen, University of Michigan, USA
  • Sigrid Harendza, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Pablo Pulido, Venezuela

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