The Postgraduate Committee was formed to: (1) Raise the profile and coverage of postgraduate medical education (PGME) in AMEE; (2) Cooperate with other committees on research and new and innovative developments at the AMEE conference; (3) Propose symposia/workshops each year that focus on crucial aspects of postgraduate medical education; and (4) Assist countries where postgraduate medical education is under developed.


  • Alan Cook, UK
  • Bernardo Bollen-Pinto, Portugal
  • Jason Frank, Canada
  • Zeev Goldik, Israel
  • Bernard Maillet, Belgium
  • Rob Mitchell, Australia
  • Carsten Morhardt, Germany
  • Juliana Sa, Portugal
  • ArnoldoRiquelme-Perez, Chile
  • Paul de Roos, Sweden
  • Anna Savinkova
  • Fedde Scheele, Netherlands
  • Francesco Silenzi, Italy
  • Linda Snell, Canada
  • Jette Led Sorensen, Denmark
  • Margot Weggemans, Netherlands
  • Christopher M. Wittich, USA
  • Rille Pihlak, Estonia

Additional contributors to the Group’s activities are: Joanna Ortoli, Lisa Nash, Outi Kortgkandai-Savolainen, Amanda Dines, Ahmet Murt, Holly Hardy, Shelley Currie, T. Ruesledt


2016 Update:

The postgraduate medical education (PGME) community at AMEE has undergone a resurgence of activity and engagement. Increasing numbers of attendees interested in PGME are attending AMEE, organising sessions, and debating how to advance the enterprise. This has been enriched by a worldwide community of both educational faculty and trainee leaders. In the last year, the PGME committee has organised multiple sessions for the AMEE 2015 and AMEE 2016 conferences, including symposia, pre-conference workshops, and paper presentations. The PGME committee once again ran a highly successful competition for funding for junior doctors who submitted short communications as first author about PGME. The committee is very grateful to the AMEE Executive Committee for the funding support provided. Having more junior doctors attend the conference enriches AMEE and the PG community.

The committee is also in a time of renewal and transition, with the stepping down of long-serving Chair Davinder Sandhu. The PGME committee will meet to propose fresh directions and activities that will enhance both AMEE as an organisation and PGME as a worldwide endeavour. The PG community highly recommends to the AMEE Executive Committee that the PGME committee be allowed to continue with its focus, and looks forward direction on a process to elect or appoint a new Chair. We look forward to new and exciting endeavours under the AMEE banner.

Achievements to date include:

  • A Symposium held in 2012 on Professional and Generic Skills
  • Pre-conferenceworkshops accepted for AMEE 2013 on Strategic Planning for Medical Education led by Fedde Scheele, and Designing Postgraduate training using Competencies: How to make it work led by Jason Frank.
  • The Chair has submitted a detailed book review on Sustainability to MedEdWorld.

Forthcoming Contributions:

  • AMEE 2017 - Helsinki, Finland - Monday 28 August 2017:  Symposium 5B - Postgraduate Medical Education Across Borders: Innovations, tensions and curiosities
  • AMEE 2017 Exhibit Stand


During AMEE 2017 the Postgraduate Committee will hold a closed meeting and will have an exhibit stand in the Exhibition Hall os Messukeskus Helsinki.  If you have any questions please come along and speak to one of the members of the Committee during Coffee and Lunch breaks.


As an AMEE member you are welcome to visit the Postgraduate Committee exhibit during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have your say in what AMEE's involvement in PGME should be.

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