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The Postgraduate Committee was formed to: (1) Raise the profile and coverage of postgraduate medical education (PGME) in AMEE; (2) Cooperate with other committees on research and new and innovative developments at the AMEE conference; (3) Propose symposia/workshops each year that focus on crucial aspects of postgraduate medical education; and (4) Assist countries where postgraduate medical education is under developed.

Committee Structure

  • Co-Chair: Simon Gregory, UK
  • Co-Chair: Rille Philak, Estonia/UK
  • Secretary: Juliana Sá, Portugal


  • Hans Hjelmqvist, Sweden
  • Leila Niemi-Murola, Finland
  • Dimitri Parra, Canada
  • Jenny Mladenovic, USA
  • Wunna Tun, Myanmar
  • Marcelo Garcia Dieguez, Argentina
  • Gustavo Romão, Brazil
  • Yannick G. Eller, Switzerland


  • To collaborate in research projects related to assessment in PGME.
  • To integrate other PGMEC members in a collaborative work to propose strategies to assist the countries where PGME is underdeveloped.
  • To engage with and advise trainees who would like to get involved within the PGMEC/SIG and AMEE in general.
  • To establish the PGMEC as a diverse and inclusive committee that drives forward scholarship and sharing of good practice in PGME.


As an AMEE member you are welcome to visit the Postgraduate Committee exhibit during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have your say in what AMEE's involvement in PGME should be.

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