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Technology Enhanced Learning


The overall mission of the AMEE Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Committee is to guide AMEE’s TEL and related activities.  The focus is on enhancing teaching and learning by the use of general education technologies with special emphasis on the education pedagogies underlying their use. It supports the AMEE Executive Committee in achieving its strategic goals by providing advice and support regarding the AMEE Conference, an eLearning symposium every 3 years, MedEdWorld and online tools for AMEE membership activities.



Who we are

  • John Sandars, UK (Co Chair - Events)
  • Mike Botelho, Hong Kong
  • David Cook, USA
  • Mary Dankbaar, Netherlands
  • Inga Hege, Germany
  • Peter GM de Jong, Netherlands
  • Goh Poh Sun, Singapore
  • Ken Masters, Oman
  • Rakesh Patel, UK
  • Kalyani Premkumar, Canada
  • Martin Pusic, USA
  • Daniel Salcedo, Taiwan (Co-Chair)
  • Monika Sobocan, Slovenia
  • Alexandra Webb, Australia
  • Raquel Correia, France

What we do

The following is a summary of the TEL Committee’s activities. In addition, individual members have given presentations and produced a range of publications dealing with the use of technology in medical education.

Current Activities:

  • AMEE 2017: Coordinating with Elsevier in the running of the AMEE 2017 Hackathon, including providing educational and technical mentoring for the teams.
  • Developments of a consensus statement on emergent and current trends in eLearning.
  • Working with Learning Toolbox to evaluate the success of using it for future AMEE ePosters.

Ongoing / Repeated Activities:

  • AMEE conference abstract reviews, judging of ePosters.
  • MedEdPublish reviewing.
  • Contributions to MedEdWorld.
  • Online meetings (6-7 times per year).
  • Open meeting at the AMEE conference.

Previous Activities:

  • Evaluated Learning Toolbox as the ePoster format for AMEE2017, and adopted (2017).
  • At AMEE2016, Organized and delivered a full-day pre-conference workshop: Creating blended learning approaches, and an in-conference symposium: Big learning from small screens: using mobile technology in medical education
  • At AMEE2015, organized and delivered the pre-conference symposium on eLearning in medical education. The symposium included keynote speakers, short communications, workshops, ePosters, panel discussions and an interactive ‘Show and Tell’ session. Following this success, it was decided to repeat this triennially. We also organized a follow-up symposium: Shaping the future of Technology Enhanced Learning: Take home messages from the Symposium (with Stephen Downes).
  • In 2015 we organized and ran the first AMEEHacks Hackathon. Over 230 participants joined the event. Following this success, it was decided to repeat this biennially.
  • Under guidance of the committee, we organized and supervised the first use of the PechaKucha™ format at an AMEE conference.  Following this success, the format was adopted for future conferences.
  • On request from AMEE Executive, we developed in 2012 a social media strategy “for creating a richer conference experience through the use of electronic media”.  This strategy formed the basis for future use of social media by AMEE, especially at the annual AMEE conference.


As an AMEE member, you are welcome to attend the exhibit meetings held during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have input regarding AMEE’s initiatives in Technology Enhanced Learning.


How to find us

For now, the best way to contact us is through our padlet site for AMEE2017:


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