Initiatives (ASPIRE, BEME, ESME, MedEdWorld)


The ASPIRE-to-Excellence programme is a flagship AMEE initiative, which has the potential of promoting teaching alongside research as a measure of excellence in a medical, dental or veterinary school.

The ASPIRE initiative meets the needs for a form of quality assurance that goes beyond accreditation, which recognises excellence that rightly falls outside the formal accreditation process and is the remit of professional educational bodies. The initiative allows medical, dental and veterinary schools to be recognised internationally for their excellence in medical education, in the first instance, in five spheres of activity:

  • Assessment of students
  • Student engagement in the curriculum
  • Social accountability of the school (medical schools only)
  • Faculty Development
  • Simulation

More information is available on the ASPIRE-to-Excellence website or by downloading the ASPIRE Brochure.

Submissions are invited by 28 February 2018.



AMEE is a founder member of the Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration.  The BEME Collaboration is an international group of individuals, universities, and professional organisations committed to the development of evidence-informed education in the medical and health professions.

BEME’s aims are achieved through the dissemination of information for decision-making, the production ofsystematic reviews, and the creation of a culture of best evidence education.

More information about the BEME Collaboration is available online at or by downloading the BEME Information Leaflet



The AMEE-ESME courses, offered and accredited by AMEE, are aimed at practising teachers in medicine and the healthcare professions, both basic scientists and clinicians.

AMEE-ESME courses are designed to be of value to those new to teaching, and for teachers with some experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The courses recognise that all teachers, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching. Participants who complete course assignments receive an AMEE-ESME Certificate in Medical Education in the areas addressed by the course.

Download our AMEE-ESME Course Brochure for more information


  • ESME - Essential Skills in Medical Education: This introductory ESME course provides an overview of the competencies required of medical and healthcare professions teachers in their role as information provider, facilitator of learning, role model, curriculum planner, and assessor. The course has been designed to run in conjunction with AMEE and other medical education conferences
  • ESMEA - Essential Skills in Medical Education Assessment:  The ESMEA course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of assessment and is aimed at people new to assessment who wish to gain a thorough foundation in the subject.
  • ESCEL – Essential Skills in Computer-Enhanced Learning:  The ESCEL course prepares participants to develop, deliver, and evaluate computer-enhanced learning activities using sound educational principles and a range of creative technologies.
  • ESMESim – Essential Skills in Medical Education Simulation:  The ESMESim course provides an introduction to essential skills for delivering simulation-based healthcare education through a variety of techniques and technologies.
  • ESCPD – Essential Skills for Continuing Professional Development:  The ESCPD course provides an introduction to those who are currently involved in the planning, organisation and/or implementation of medical (health) education at the continuing professional development level.
  • RESME – Research Essential Skills in Medical Education:  The RESME course provides an introduction to the essential principles and methods of conducting research in medical education: formulating research questions, choosing a research approach, selecting an appropriate methodology, and constructing a research plan.


  • ESME Online - Essential Skills in Medical Education: A high quality online course for teachers in the healthcare professions.  This 12 week course is aimed at those new to teaching and at teachers with years of experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The course recognises that, with appropriate help, all, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching. Download the ESME Online Flyer for more details.
  • ESME Lead Change: Innovate, Assess, Sustain:ESME Lead Change is an eight-week online course that engages you in multiple short cycles of adaptive action in everyday sticky and challenging issues. You will learn to use and understand practical models and methods that work in both simple and complex situations.

    A unique feature of the course is the focus on your health and wellbeing as a medical educator, teacher, practitioner and administrator. Being a medical educator and health practioner, especially if you are involved in introducing new patterns of teaching, assessing, and curriculum organisation, is very stressful. Participants' attention to their own health in the workplace has become a valued part of the course. Download the ESME Lead Change: Innovate, Assess, Sustain flyer for more details.

  • ESME Student Online:  ESME Student seeks to respond to the need for students to have experience in medical education and aims to affirm and motivate them in their expressed interest in teaching in medicine.  The course has been adapted from the successful ESME Online course to meet student needs, with input from an advisory group of students.  Download the ESME Student Online Flyer for more details.

  • ESME Assessment Online: The Essential Skills in Medical Education Assessment (ESMEA) course is aimed at people involved with teaching in the health professions who have limited experience in assessment and who wish to gain an insight into practical applications. It is also relevant to others who already have an interest in assessment and wish to gain a foundation in the theoretical underpinnings. Download the ESME Assessment Online Flyer for more details.


MedEdWorld was launched by AMEE in a response to the identified need to create a more formal mechanism for AMEE members and others with an interest in medical education to keep in touch between AMEE conferences.

MedEdWorld was designed to provide an international network through which organisations, medical schools, teachers, and students across the world could share ideas, common experience and expertise, and collaborate in the further development of medical education.  Following a successful pilot launch, MedEdWorld, was extensively redeveloped during 2012 with a variety of new and exciting services added to those already valued by members.

AMEE membership includes free access to MedEdWorld and can be accessed by logging in with their AMEE username and password.

More information about MedEdWorld is available online at or by downloading the new updated MedEdWorld information flyer and the forthcoming webinar flyer

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