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Why askAMEE


Technological developments have allowed us instant access to an overwhelming amount of knowledge, but how do we make decisions about what knowledge is useful and how it could be incorporated in our practices?

As teachers, we are expected to make decisions about what and how to teach on a daily basis.

askAMEE is a tool developed by AMEE to support this decision making process by providing teachers with a readily accessible source of reliable information on specific education topics.

What is askAMEE?

askAMEE was launched in 2018 as a small-scale pilot project.

Fourteen topics were selected based on feedback from AMEE members, and a team of subject-matter experts were recruited to provide answers to 10-15 commonly asked questions.

Each editor was asked to synthesise the evidence relating to the questions and provide answers with recommendations, based on evidence where available.

askAMEE is available online at


Topic Editors


Answers to Questions



The following topics are currently available on the askAMEE website:

  • EPAs, Olle ten Cate

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Nisha Dogra

  • Feedback, Subha Ramani

  • Flipped Classroom, Lynn Monrouxe

  • Handover of Care, Morris Gordon

  • InterProfessional Education, Jill Thistlethwaite

  • Learning Analytics, Martin Pusic

  • Lecture, Ronald Harden

  • Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships, Nicky Hudson

  • Mentoring, Sylvia Heeneman

  • Problem-Based Learning, Michelle McLean

  • Programmatic Assessment, Adrian Freeman

  • Student in Difficulty, John Sandars

  • Student Selection, Jen Cleland

Future Opportunities

In autumn 2019, askAMEE will enter an open beta-testing phase to test functionality and content on the site with a wider and less predictable user-base. An ‘open beta’ means that anyone can take part in the testing. Beta-testers are actively encouraged to find and report problems with the site as well as to identify missing functionality and content.

As part of this exercise, we are hoping to open a discussion on the future of askAMEE, actively seeking feedback on the content and format of the site as well as the current editorial structure and new features that could be built into the site. We are actively seeking opinions on alternative models for funding and content generation using web 2.0 concepts such as co-creation/collaborative consumption, crowdsourcing, content curation and creative commons licensing.

If you’d like to take part, email us on [email protected]

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