There is an increasing amount of information published about what works and what doesn’t work in the training of healthcare professionals, but trying to keep up to date with best practice can be challenging.
AskAMEE is AMEE’s exciting new resource which is being developed to help teachers in the healthcare professions make informed decisions about their teaching practice. Working groups each with an editor have been challenged to identify questions that teachers might ask, and to provide short answers based on the best available evidence. References to the healthcare education literature including AMEE and BEME guides, consensus statements and reports are given to support the answers and to provide additional reading as required. The working groups are also tasked with updating the answers as further studies are published, in order for askAMEE to remain topical and useful.
The pilot phase of askAMEE has just been completed, addressing topics including EPAs, Feedback, Flipped Classroom, Handover of Care, Interprofessional Education, Learning Analytics, The Lecture, Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships, PBL, Programmatic Assessment, Student in Difficulty and Student Selection.
Developed based on feedback from AMEE members, AskAMEE is a collaborative project and we welcome suggestions for additional topics and questions. If you or your institution would like to get involved please let us know! Please see the website and let us have your comments.

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