The ASPIRE-to-Excellence Initiative was established to provide a unique system which encouraged excellence in education in medicine and the healthcare professions by identifying, recognising and rewarding excellence in key aspects of education delivery.

To date excellence is recognised in the following areas

  • Student Engagement

  • Social Accountability

  • Assessment of Students

  • Faculty Development

  • Simulation,

  • Curriculum Development

  • Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education



Who can Apply?

Applications are accepted from medical, dental and veterinary schools and institutions.

A school must be recognised by their respective regulatory authority.

Areas Assessed

Schools are invited to submit an application for an ASPIRE-to-Excellence award in one or more of the following areas:

  • Assessment of students

  • Curriculum Development

  • Faculty Development

  • Inspirational Approaches to Healthcare Professions Education

  • Simulation

  • Social accountability of the medical school

  • Student engagement

The criteria for excellence represent a de facto set of standards for best practice in education and eectively outline what best practice in these six areas should look like. The criteria have been refined following a series of pilot studies and a consultation process.

Submission Process

The application process is designed to be straightforward. Guidelines and templates are provided. Full details of the criteria in each of the areas and information about the submission process can be found on the ASPIRE website

Each submission is reviewed by a team of three assessors and their reports are considered by the relevant ASPIRE Panel.

Recommendations from the panel are reviewed by the ASPIRE Board. Feedback is provided to the medical, dental or veterinary school about their submission.

Submission Deadline

The closing date for submissions is end of February each year.

Full details of the submission process are on the ASPIRE website

ASPIRE Academy

All recipients of an ASPIRE Award are invited to join an ASPIRE-to-Excellence Academy and Membership of the Academy continues for the duration of their ASPIRE Award.

The aim of the Academy is to:

  • Promote excellence in education through collaboration and dissemination of best practices in medical education.
  • Provide members of the Academy with the opportunity to network and share their experience and knowledge.

For further details about the ASPIRE Academy and current members please visit the ASPIRE website.

Announcement of the Awards

The ASPIRE Awards are presented at the AMEE Annual Conference and reported in the press and on the ASPIRE website. The successful schools receive an ASPIRE trophy and certificate, and can record the award on their website and communications.

Members of the school can wear an ASPIRE lapel pin representing the area in which excellence is recognised.

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