AMEE offers a number of awards and prizes open to members and conference participants:

ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award

Does your medical, dental or veterinary school offer a high quality education programme?

An ASPIRE award allows dental, medical and veterinary schools to be recognised internationally for their excellence in education.

ASPIRE provides a mechanism that improves the education process and outcomes around the world by identifying, recognising and rewarding excellence in the field. No other process does this.

The ASPIRE to Excellence Programme has been established to go beyond the traditional accreditation process and to recognise that the education programme in a medical school can be subjected to peer review against an agreed set of standards or benchmarks that identify world-class excellence in education.

A Board and five Panels made up of international leaders and experts in the field, practicing teachers and students, defined the criteria for excellence in each of the five areas:

  • Assessment of students;
  • Student engagement in the curriculum
  • Social accountability of the school
  • Faculty development
  • Simulation

Deadline for Submissions:  28 February

Read more about the ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award



Lifetime Achievement Award

This awarded to someone who AMEE feels has made a considerable contribution to Medical and Healthcare Professions Education.  The award is nominated by the AMEE Executive Committee and is presented at an AMEE Annual Conference.

Read more about AMEE Lifetime Achievement Awards

Miriam Friedman Ben-David Award

In memory of the late Miriam Friedman Ben-David, AMEE created a new Educator’s Award.  AMEE Invites Nominations for this award on an annual basis.  The Miriam Friedman Ben-David New Educator Award will go to a person who has made an extraordinary effort and contribution within the field of medical education in terms of design/implementation of innovative methods or approaches to teaching, curriculum, courses, assessment, evaluation of education or faculty development. This may be in undergraduate or postgraduate medical education, or in continuing professional development, and may take place at a local, regional, national or international level.

The Award is free registration to an AMEE Conference, plus £1,000.  The winner will also be invited to give a short communication at an AMEE Conference.  The Award is presented at an AMEE Annual Conference.

This award is open to AMEE Members only.

Read more about the Miriam Friedman Ben-David Award


Poster Prize

The Medical Teacher Poster Prize is awarded annually at AMEE Conferences for the best poster, as judged by a Committee against published criteria.

The aim of the prize is to select examples of good practice in preparing posters.

The top three posters will be announced at the end of the closing plenary at the AMEE Conference.

The winner will receive free registration to an AMEE Conference, or a small cash prize.

Read more about the Medical Teacher Poster Prize


ePoster Prize

The AMEE ePoster Prize is awarded annually at AMEE Conferences for the best eposter, as judged by a Committee against published criteria.

The aim of the prize is to select examples of good practice in preparing and presentingeposters.

The winner will be announced in the closing plenary at the AMEE conference and will receive free registration to an AMEE Conference, or a small cash prize.

Read more about AMEE ePoster Prize


Patil Teaching Innovation Award

The AMEE Patil Teaching Innovation Awards, formerly known as the Patil Awards, have been made possible through a donation from Professor Nivritti Patil, University of Hong Kong.  The Awards will be made to participants at AMEE conferences who have presented a short communication that is judged by a Committee to have demonstrated innovation in relation to teaching and learning methods, assessment or curriculum planning.

Read more about the Patil Awards


Research Grant Awards

AMEE introduced in 2012 a programme to provide financial support up to £10,000 for educational research projects.

The AMEE Research Grant Award programme recognises the importance of research in health professions education.  It will serve as a catalyst to promote excellence in research among AMEE members.

The receipt of a grant award will recognise the work of an individual or group both locally and internationally.  Grants are intended to augment support for projects of up to £10,000. Specifically, funding may be used for expenses incurred in the course of conducting research such as standardised patient fees, incentives for study participants, transcription fees, salary support for a research assistant and meetings of the research group. It cannot be used to provide salary support, computer or other equipment, travel (other than meetings of the research group), or institutional overhead costs.

Applications are accepted once a year and involve a 2-step process, pre-proposal and a full proposal.

This award is open to AMEE Individual and Student Members only.

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Medical Education Study Fellowship Awards

AMEE invites applications for a new AMEE Medical Education Fellowship Award.  This award is supported by an educational grant from Merck Serono

Three awards will be funded, each of £6,000.

Successful applicants may use the funds to visit an institution or organisation, complete an AMEE-ESME online or face-to-face course, or participate in an international conference in medical education.

Closing date for applications: The closing date for applications has now closed and no further applications can be accepted.

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Student Initiatives Grant

The goal of this grant is to provide students with a funding contribution to support student-led activities that aim to improve medical education. These can be activities such as trainings, workshops, conferences, projects and so on. Examples of areas in which these activities could take place include but are not limited to: meaningful student engagement, improving the quality of medical education and research in medical education.

Individual students and student organizations are able to apply if they are:

  • Paid Student AMEE Members
  • Members of the IFMSA and/or EMSA networks

Please note that the grant is aimed at student-led activities to improve healthcare professions education, not to support personal endeavours.

Read more about Student Initiatives Grant

Ian Hart Award


This award is in memory of the late Ian Ritchie Hart and has been established to recognise an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing medical education at a local, national, regional or international level. The award winner will have demonstrated the creativity, diligence, agility and leadership necessary to significantly advance the field of medical education. The individual will have demonstrated their achievements through their contributions to curriculum planning, teaching and learning, assessment, education management or some other aspect of medical education. The award will be made biennially with the first award presented at the 18th Ottawa Conference in Abu Dhabi in March 2018.

Read more about the Ian Hart Award for Innovation in Medical Education

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