Awards & Prizes

Poster Quiz

All participants, whether poster presenters or not, are eligible to enter the poster quiz run at AMEE conferences. The quiz consists of questions that can be answered by looking at the posters on display throughout the conference.

A copy of the quiz is included in each conference pack, and should be completed and returned to the registration desk by the end of the 2nd day of the main conference.

The winner is announced at the end of the closing plenary at AMEE conferences.

Please refer the AMEE Conference Final Programme for details of the prize to be awarded.


AMEE 2007 Poster Quiz Winner: Perry Pugno, American Academy of Family Physicians, USA
AMEE 2008 Poster Quiz Winner: Dr Joshua LaBrin, Mayo Clinic, USA
AMEE 2009 Poster Quiz Winner: Dr Surapon Ariyanukitja, Chiang Rai Regional Hospital, Thailand
AMEE 2010 Poster Quiz Winner: Dr Rassamee Tansirisithikul, Mahidol University, Thailand
AMEE 2011 Poster Quiz Winner: Dr Prakarn Ongartboon, Phrae Medical Center, Thailand

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