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About Prize

Introduced in 2012, the AMEE ePoster Prize is awarded annually at AMEE Conferences for the best ePoster.

The aim of the prize is to select examples of good practice in preparing and presenting ePosters.

The winner will be announced in the closing plenary at the AMEE conference and will receive free registration to an AMEE Conference, or a small cash prize of £350 (no facilities and administration fee).



AMEE 2021

1st Place - SCALPELS (Simulated Case of Abdominal pain and Learning about Patient Experiences during Laparoscopic Surgery)
Maisha Shahjahan, Hope Poole, Josh Nicholls, Louise Harmer George Eliot Hospital, UK

2nd Place - Anahuac University - Virtual Hospital. An opportunity for undergraduate medical students for training and assessment in response to COVID-19
Edgar Israel Herrera Bastida, Anahuac University, Mexico

3rd Place - RCSEd's Regional Surgical Advisory Network's webinar series for Medical Undergraduates
Richard Mifsud, Michael Silva, Royal College of Surgeons, UK

4th Place - The Benefits of Introducing a Student-Led Peer Learning and Support (PL&S) Model into Medical Education
Bhanu Wahi-Singh, Pia Wahi-Singh, Heather Gail McAdam University of Edinburgh, UK

5th Place - Is Medical Improv a Suitable Strategy to Teach Faculty Feedback Providing Skills?
Matthew Tiacharoen, Belinda Fu, J.M. Monica van de Ridder Michigan State University, USA

AMEE 2020

1st Place –  Exploring Medical Students' Perceptions of Scenarios of 'Public Embarrassment' in Clinical Learning Environments
Arunima Batra and Russell Hern, King’s College London, UK

2nd Place – 'A novel hybrid video e-learning and interview course for the Academic Foundation Programme
Rahul Bagga and Mohammed Fallaha, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, Imperial College, UK

3rd Place – Training undergraduates in forensic science through an immersion lab
Irma Erana, Mildred Lopez and Elena Rios, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

AMEE 2019

1st Place: Determining the Dominant Factors Correlating with the Resilience of Thai Medical Students
Krittanont Wattanavaekin, Tanyamon Poomontienchai, Bhumin Chotiwatanadilok, Yanin Tangjaroenpaisan, Chaiyapruk Kusumaphanyo, Amarin Narkwichean, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand
2nd Place: Perceptions and attitudes of medical students and faculty towards Internet and Facebook addiction
Ishan Vijayvargiy, Aishwarya Gaur, Devanuj Duara, Kamesh Waran, Namrata Chhabra, SSR Medical College, Belle Rive, Mauritius
3rd Place: Transition from paper-based to electronic portfolio using on-hand social medias for undergrads
Chalinee Monsereenus, Piya Rujkiyanont, Chanchai Traivaree, Sangkae Chamnanvana, Phramongkutlao Hospital and College of Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand
4th Place: MOOC! There it is | Launching a Massive Open Online Course in the Healthcare Space
Daniel Niklas, Rebecca Nusbaum, Kevin Lawanto, Jamie Henthorn, Janet Corral, The University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado, USA

AMEE 2018

1st Place - #8CC5 Does the team leader role affect confidence levels in the simulation?
Veerapong Vattanavanit, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand

AMEE 2017

1st Place - #3CC04 - Basic Life Support in Primary School by First Year Medical Students
Borwon Wittayachamnankul, Emergency Dept, CMU, Chiang Mai, Thailand

AMEE 2015

1st Place - #5BB10 -  Anatomy and additive manufacturing: Imaging methods and 3D printing for anatomy education
John F Bertram*, Justin W Adams, Paul G McMenamin (Monash University, Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Clayton, Australia)

AMEE 2014

1st Place - 2JJ5 - Personality differences in communication skills and attitudes in a sample of Italian medical students
Lorenzo Tagliabue, Milano-Bicocca University & San Gerardo Hospital, Health Sciences Department, School of Medicine, Milano, Italy; Deborah Corrias, Milano-Bicocca University, Health Sciences Department, School of Medicine, Milano, Italy; Giorgio Franco Augusto Rezzonico, Milano-Bicocca University, Health Sciences Department, School of Medicine, Milano, Italy; Maria Grazia Strepparava*, Milano-Bicocca University, Health Sciences Department, School of Medicine, Milano, Italy

AMEE 2013

1st Place - 3FF/15 - Microbe Invader: Teaching microbiology through a computer role playing game
Li Tao (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, United States)

AMEE 2012

1st Place - 8CC/10 - Not another NHS website! : The challenges of developing a new offer in a crowded market place as part of an NHS Trust
Stephen Lloyd-Smart, Henry Fuller, Sarah Kaufmann, Margaret Ward, Andrea Fox-Hiley, Stuart Haines (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, United Kingdom)

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