The AMEE Medical Education Fellowship is supported by an education grant from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany – Global Medical Education.

There are no grants available at this time.


The aim of the AMEE Medical Education Study Fellowship Award is to promote excellence in the field of health professions education, particularly in the field of continuing professional development, through the award of fellowships to individuals to help them to obtain further experience and training in the field of education.


Significant developments are taking place in education of healthcare professionals in response to pressures from changes in the healthcare delivery systems, advances in medical knowledge, changing public, professional and patient expectations, new technologies and developments in education thinking.  It is now accepted that clinical teachers and trainers and others responsible for training programmes both locally and nationally should have skills in medical education. Expertise can be acquired through participation in courses on medical education, through attendance at conferences including workshops devoted to the topic and through networking with colleagues with expertise in the field.

AMEE Medical Education Study Fellowship Programme

The AMEE Medical Education Study Fellowship Programme will involve the following elements:

  1. A visit to an institution or organisation where there is relevant expertise and interests to support and develop further the work of the Fellow in medical education.  This could, for example, be related to competency/outcome-based education, curriculum and programme planning, teaching and learning methods including instructional design, assessment or education management.
  2. Completion of a formal Course in Medical Education such as the AMEE Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) Course either in conjunction with a meeting or online over a 12 week period with the award of an AMEE ESME Certificate in Medical Education on completion of the course assignments.
  3. Participation in an international conference in medical education, including pre-conference workshops and masterclass sessions in the area most relevant to the Fellow.

The programme of activities is to be completed within one year of receipt of the award. 

The recipient will be required to prepare a report on completion of their studies and to present their work to the AMEE Secretariat within three months of completion of the programme.

Awards available

Three awards will be funded, each of up to £6,000 (no facilities and administration fee)

Applications will be welcomed from individuals working in the healthcare professions who have an interest in education and who have a commitment to pursue further work in the field.  Priority will be given to individuals who have already made a contribution to the field of education and who have a planned programme of work which the award of the Study Fellowship will facilitate.

The award is not intended to support a research project.

Selection Committee

The AMEE Medical Education Study Fellowship Award Committee will be appointed by the AMEE Executive Committee.  The Award Committee will be responsible for selecting the successful candidates from amongst applicants, approving the Fellowship Programme and liaising with the Fellow before, during and immediately after the Study Fellowship.


Applications for the Study Fellowship Award should include

  • A short cv
  • The reason for applying for the award
  • A proposed programme of study with timelines and estimated costs
  • A letter of recommendation and support from Dean/Head of department or senior colleague

There are currenly no grants available in this category.

Applications should be sent to: [email protected]

Previous Winners

Dr. Julie Williamson Lincoln Memorial University, USA Dr. Julie Williamson will be presented the AMEE Study Fellowship Award at AMEE 2015 in Glasgow, UK.
Dr. Mohammad Adrian Hasdianda Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia Dr. Mohammad Adrian Hasdianda will be presented the AMEE Study Fellowship Award at AMEE 2015 in Glasgow, UK.
Dr. Fasika Amdeslasie Mekele University, Ethiopia Dr. Fasika Amdeslasie will be presented the AMEE Study Fellowship Award at AMEE 2015 in Glasgow, UK.
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