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Faculty Development Research Grant Winners


  • Ardi Findyartini (Indonesia) - Social Media and Professional Development of Medical Teachers in Global South: A Phenomenology Study


  • Dr. Mahwish Arooj (Pakistan) Impact of faculty development in medical education on educational identities of health professionals

  • Dr. Betty Onyura (Canada) Anti-Oppressive Faculty Development: Examining the Principles and Sustainability of HPE Programs


  • Sara Mortaz Hejri, Yvonne Steinert, Dan Pratt (Canada)- Faculty Developers’ Teaching Perspectives and Competencies: A Mixed-Methods Study


  • Wendy Hu (Australia), Asela Mangala Olupeliyawa (Sri Lanka), Van Anh Thi Nguyen (Vietnam), Thanh Nga Nguyen  (Australia) and  Renee E Stalmeijer (Netherlands) - Professionalization, service and scholarship: An international comparative study of medical educators’ careers in diverse contexts.

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