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Awards & Prizes

PhD/Doctoral Awards


The AMEE PhD/Doctoral Awards are to encourage and award investigators who have conducted high quality research in the domain of health professions education.

Presenters of PhD/Doctoral Reports accepted for presentation at an AMEE Conference are invited to submit their full thesis for review by a panel.



  1. a highly ranked PhD/Doctoral report abstract
  2. a high quality full PhD thesis / Doctoral Report
  3. a clear presentation at the AMEE Conference


  • AMEE 2019 - Judith Lynn Bowen, University Medical Center Utrecht and University of California, San Francisco, supervised by Olle ten Cate, David Irby and Bridget O'Brien - 'On Discontinuity and Learning: Investigations of Physcians Responses to Transitions of Patient Care Responsibility'
  • AMEE 2018 - Christopher Harrison, University of Maastrict, supervised by van der Vleuten, Schuwirth and Wass - Feedback in the context of high-stakes assessment: can summative be formative?
  • AMEE 2017 - Taryn Taylor, University of Ottawa, Canada - 'Exploring Fatigue as a Social Construct: Implications for Work Hour Reform in Postgraduate Medical Education'
  • AMEE 2016 - Joanna Tai - 'Peer assisted learning in undergraduate clinical medical education:  a mixed method study' - Defended at Monash University.

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