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Awards, Grants & Prizes

Postgraduate Travel Awards

Prof Zulfiqar Ali Khan Medical Education Programme

The Prof Zulfiqar Ali Khan Medical Education Programme will be provided for a five year period (2017-2021).

The fund will provide five awards to young health education professionals from anywhere in the world to attend and present a paper or poster at the AMEE Conference.

The award would contribute towards the conference registration fee, travel and accommodation.
Recipients of the award would be required to publish their work in MedEdPublish.

If you are a junior doctor and have submitted a 'short communication or poster' abstract relating to an area of postgraduate training, for an AMEE conference you may be eligible for consideration for a small award to assist your participation to the AMEE Conference.

How to apply

Process:  When submitting abstracts for presentation as a ‘Short communication’ or 'Poster, If you are a junior doctor you will be able to indicate on your submission that you wish to have your presentation considered for an AMEE Postgraduate Travel Award.

Submission Criteria:  Must be a junior doctor



AMEE 2019

AMEE congratulates those who have been awarded a Zulfiqar Al Khan Postgraduate Fellowship Award at AMEE 2019:

  • Mrs Sofia Basauri Savelli
  • Dr Matthew Aldridge
  • Dr Ying Pin Toh
  • MD Phenny Pariury
  • Dr Mehak Rajani
  • Mr Francisco Ribeiro Mouraeo

AMEE 2018

AMEE congratulates those who have been awarded a Zulfiqar Al Khan Postgraduate Fellowship Award at AMEE 2018:

  • Abdullatif Aydın, UK
  • Claus Hedebo Bisgaard, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Eleonora Leopardi, Australia
  • Gwendolyn Tattao, Philippines
  • Maud Kramer, Netherlands
  • Monica Bernardo, Brazil
  • Raunak Singh, Leicester, UK
  • Rebecca Dube, Canada
  • Remi Wolf, Stanford, USA
  • Rikke Kaae, Denmark

AMEE 2017

  • Beatriz Manuel Chongo - When the Medical Students of Mozambique are introduced to Competencies in Intimate Partner Violence? Preliminary Results
  • Chloe Gilchrist - An Education on Discharge Summaries and Coding
  • Kathryn Watson - Developing an inter-professional bedside teaching programme
  • Leilanie Nicodemus - The Effectiveness of Mediated Learning and Concept Mapping in Improving Knowledge and Adherence to Treatment Guidelines
  • Hans van Huellen - Reverse Ward Rounds as a Means of Medical Apprenticeship - a Qualitative Survey
  • Camilla Sen - Communication Skills in Child Sexual Abuse: Current, Controversial and Challenging
  • Diego Correa Fernández - Design of 360-degree assessment tool for residents of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Catrin Williams - Trainees with an interest in PeriOperative Medicine (TriPOM) - a new cross-speciality educational collaboration in perioperative medicine
  • Thomas Sanctuary - Breaking barriers - improving cultural competence
  • Rula Najim - Can Medical Conferences fulfil on the needs of our young educators and recognise their teaching initiatives?

AMEE 2016

  • David Brinkman - #3N1 - 837 European nearly graduates: a first multinational study of essential knowledge, skills and attitudes in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Andrew Darby Smith - #4M3 - “More than ‘Basic’ Life Support? Addressing the Barriers to Bystander Response in Undergraduate Training”
  • Sarah Walpole - #5R2 - Global Health competencies for postgraduate health professionals: What does a doctor need to be able to do?
  • Chris Attoe - #9O4 - Towards New Models of Care: Developing a curriculum for interprofessional mental health training
  • Sari Dewi - #10N2 - The Need Assessment of Cultural Competency among General Physician in West Java Province, Indonesia

AMEE 2015

  • Jean-Marie Castillo - #5I5 - Identification of clinical reasoning and therapeutic challenges in family medicine practice: a critical insight to improve family medicine education?
  • Paul Heitmann - #4E4 - Turning the basic sciences on their head: what are the fundamental aspects of learning that could inform the design of a flipped classroom in medical education?
  • Melissa Straub - #5G2 - Improving Journal Club
  • Rita Isabel Henderson - #10O5 - The mock faculty position competition: a professional simulation for advanced trainees anticipating a competitive job market

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