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Student Initiatives Grant

About the Student Initiatives Grant

The goal of this grant is to provide students with a funding contribution to support student-led activities that aim to improve medical education. These can be activities such as training, workshops, conferences, projects and so on. Examples of areas in which these activities could take place include, but are not limited to: meaningful student engagement, improving the quality of medical education and research in medical education.

Previous Grant Winners:

Eligibility Criteria

Individual students and student organizations can apply if they are:

  • Paid AMEE Student Member and
  • Member of the IFMSA and/or EMSA networks

Please note that the grant is aimed at student-led activities to improve healthcare professions education, not to support personal endeavours.

How to apply

Applications can be submitted by filling in the application form and sending it in .doc(x) and .pdf format to [email protected] .  The deadline for applications is 25th November 2017.

Download the Application Form

Applications can be made for a maximum of 1000 GBP (no facilities and administration fee) per application round, and AMEE may decide to divide the grant between multiple applications.

To help you prepare your application, please down the tips document

Late applications and applications that exceed the page limit will not be taken into consideration. The date for recipients of the grant or part of the grant to be notified has still to be decided.

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