Assessing Values alongside Non-Academic Attributes using Multiple Mini Interviews

Date:                    Saturday 24th August

Half Day:              1330-1630

Level:                    Introductory


  1. Máire Kerrin, Work Psychology Group, UK
  2. Emma-Louise Rowe, Work Psychology Group, UK

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) have become a popular method of assessing non-academic attributes (e.g. empathy, integrity) within selection processes across healthcare and are commonly used alongside methods to assess academic attainment including aptitude test and academic records. 
MMIs also represent a method for incorporating a values based assessment into a selection process; something that many healthcare professions have become increasingly interested in doing with research suggesting that a misalignment of values between the employee and organisation can affect engagement and job satisfaction. In turn this can impact on performance and productivity, thus highlighting the importance of measuring values at the point of selection.
Assessing values is complex and therefore methods need to be carefully constructed to gain insight into an individual’s values. The development of bespoke MMI stations is one option for doing this and allows the organisation to assess both values and non-academic attributes simultaneously.
During this workshop, delegates will be provided with some of the key principles of MMI development based on the latest research, in addition to gaining an understanding around how to effectively assess values and exploring different ways in which values can be incorporated within an MMI style assessment. Delegates will also have the opportunity to develop their own MMI station measuring values and will receive expert feedback and guidance.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop?  This workshop is relevant for all that are interested in selection into medicine and other healthcare professions, specifically, anyone with a particular interest in MMIs or values based recruitment.

What will they gain from participating?  Individuals who participate within this workshop will:

  • Understand the research evidence regarding values based selection practices within Medical and Healthcare Professional Education, with a specific focus on MMIs.
  • Understand the different interview approaches to assessing non-academic attributes and values within Medical and Healthcare Professional Education.
  • Understand the features important for developing MMI stations.
  • Learn about different approaches to incorporate the assessment of values within MMIs
  • Have the opportunity to practice the development of MMIs, focusing on how to incorporate assessing values.
  • Have an opportunity to practice the identification of values within applicant responses

Cost: Euros 90 (includes coffee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-conference Workshop participants must also register for AMEE 201 and pay the conference fee.


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