Clinical reasoning for clinical teachers: from theory to evidence to practice

Date:                    Saturday 24th August

Half Day:              0930-1230

Level:                    Intermediate/Advanced


  1. Nicola Cooper, University Hospitals of Derby & Burton, UK
  2. Rakesh Patel, School of Medicine, Nottingham, UK & Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
  3. Anna Richmond, School of Medicine, Nottingham UK & Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Clinical reasoning skills are fundamental for medical educators to develop among learners given the growing evidence for diagnostic error contributing to patient morbidity and mortality.
This ‘theory to evidence to practice’ workshop will start by presenting a synthesis of the key theoretical frameworks and conceptual models related to clinical reasoning from the past 50 years. Seminal studies and empirical evidence will then be presented in support of some of these models and ideas.
Thereafter, a practical classroom and clinical workplace-based model for teaching clinical will be presented alongside evidence-based instructional approaches, using a ‘components of clinical reasoning’ model.
Finally, some of the contemporary issues related to teaching clinical reasoning in uncertain or complex environments will be debated with participants.
This workshop is intended to appeal both to clinical academic faculty responsible for curriculum design through to classroom-based clinical teachers responsible for delivering clinical reasoning activities.
Nicola Cooper is Editor of the ABC of Clinical Reasoning and Chair of the UK Clinical Reasoning in Medical Education Group (CReME). Rakesh Patel is Course Director for the MMedSci in Medical Education and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at Nottingham, UK. Anna Richmond is a PhD candidate at the School of Medicine, Nottingham, and her research explores the way in which educational interventions develop non-analytical and analytical thinking among novices and experts.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop?  Clinical curriculum leads, clinical teachers, clinician-researchers interested in clinical reasoning.

What will they gain from participating?  Up-to-date synthesis of the evidence around teaching clinical reasoning; practical resources for a syllabus and a curriculum; a practical model for teaching in clinical settings.

Cost: Euros 90 (includes coffee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-conference Workshop participants must also register for AMEE 2019 and pay the conference fee.


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