Patients as teachers in undergraduate medical education: A practical approach

Date:                    Sunday 25th August

Half Day:              1330-1630

Level:                    Introductory


  1. Anne Marie Rieffestahl, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, Denmark
  2. Judit Vibe Madsen, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, Denmark
  3. Anne Mette Morcke, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, Denmark

Summary of theme and why it is important:  This workshop will introduce the concept ’Patients as Teachers’ as an example of engaging patients with chronic diseases in medical education on a practical level. The aim of the concept ‘Patients as Teachers’ is to train patient-centered communication and shared decision making. In our program, patients with chronic diseases such as rheumatic diseases, heart disease, COPD, diabetes, and back problems are recruited and trained to teach health professionals. The training of patients is tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each course. As part of this process, patients are also directly involved in the development of course content in order to ensure authenticity based on the patients’ individual experiences. Patient cases, feedback and narratives serve as core components of our coursework and specific examples will be presented during this workshop. Our group of dedicated Patient Teachers has now reached 60 volunteers, who teach more than 100 courses a year at the medical school and health care college program, reaching 1600 students.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop?  This workshop is designed for those interested in gaining knowledge about the benefits of engaging patients as teachers in undergraduate medical education. It will include a practical step-by-step approach to patient recruitment, training and involvement in course development, as well as a discussion of challenges and lessons learned.

What will they gain from participating?  By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the principles behind engagement of patients as teachers in medical education and gain practical skills for involving patients in their

Cost: Euros 90 (includes coffee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-conference Workshop participants must also register for AMEE 2019 and pay the conference fee.


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