How can Faculty and Simulated Patient (SP) Educators collaborate most optimally to create great Simulation Projects?

Date:                    Saturday 24th August

Half Day:              0930-1230

Level:                    All


  1. Henrike Hölzer, Brandenburg Medical School, Brandenburg, Germany
  2. Keiko Abe, College of Nursing, Aichi Medical University, Aichi, Japan
  3. Jim Blatt, CLASS Clinical Skills Center, George Washington University, Washington, USA
  4. Elizabeth Kachur, Medical Education Development, Global Consulting, New York, USA
  5. Louise Schweickerdt, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU), South Africa
  6. Cathy Smith, Baycrest Health Sciences, Toronto, Canada

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Simulation with SPs has emerged as a major educational methodology in training health care professionals. Effective and safe simulation education depends on collaboration between faculty and SP educators--professionals from different professional cultures. Faculty are subject matter experts, SP educators are experts in simulation methodology, which includes preparing SPs for authentic role portrayal guided by the Standards of Best Practice recently developed by the Association for Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE).

Different areas of expertise, accompanied by different professional cultures and different power structures, may lead to tensions and misunderstandings, which in turn can cause a waste of resources and endanger educational goals. This challenge of interprofessional collaboration is common to simulation programmes throughout the world and addressing it is vital to their success.  Participants will be able to benefit from insights gained on four continents.
The purpose of this session is to explore and practice strategies for optimizing the faculty-SPE interaction. Longtime SP Educators, professionals from different disciplines who are experts in SP methodology and members of ASPE International Committee from Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, will share how they work hand-in-hand with faculty to address challenges in collaboration. Participants will explore and practice strategies for building bridges between all professions involved in healthcare simulation.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop?  All individuals who are involved in simulation projects with SPs.

What will they gain from participating?  Participants will be able to:

  • identify challenges and opportunities when SP educators and faculty collaborate
  • describe strategies to address challenges and leverage opportunities that conform with Standards of Best Practice
  • apply new and established approaches in this workshop and in their home institutions

Cost: Euros 90 (includes coffee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-conference Workshop participants must also register for AMEE 2019 and pay the conference fee.


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