Exploring strategies for effective curriculum development – through a hands-on, team-based approach

Date:                    Saturday 24th August

Half Day:              0930-1230

Level:                    Introductory/Intermediate


  1. Davinder Sandhu - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  2. Colin Greengrass - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  3. John Jenkins - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland
  4. Martina Crehan - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland
  5. Salmaan Sana - Academy of Medical Specialists Better Future, the Netherlands

Summary of theme and why it is important:  This workshop will address several key concepts, issues and strategies underpinning the development and reform of medical curricula. This begins with a precis on how learning theory can influence curriculum design, and how conceptual frameworks, within a contextually-based and competency-driven curriculum model, can allow for the incorporation of general competences, setting of learning objectives, and definition of specific competences, through a systematic process. Through practical exercises, the workshop will explore the process of curriculum development, describing tangible strategies involved, and working through each of these within immersive group-based activities. This will present the process within an achievable and systematic framework which can be applied directly within the institutions of participants.
The workshop will also discuss issues of knowledge creation, professionalism and critical thinking, and how these can be developed within the curriculum. Further tasks will focus on the principles of curriculum critique, issues effecting implementation, monitoring of progress and how to conduct curriculum evaluation.  Group work will be conducted according to team-based learning principles, thus introducing this valuable mechanism as part of the curriculum development process.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop? The workshop is suitable for anyone who has an interest in curricular reform and wishes to learn more about strategies for implementation. The strategic measures and principles, which can be used to construct an educational programme, will be applicable from a course level up to an entire medical curriculum, and as a result will be of great benefit for a range of participants, from course instructors and coordinators to programme directors. Participants from all healthcare professions will be able to benefit from this session.

What will they gain from participating?  Participants will learn about the process of curriculum development, through practical strategies involved in this process and working through each of these with hands-on collaborative work. They will also gain knowledge of how to achieve curriculum change within a systematic framework. Through the understanding gained, participants will be able to trouble shoot the many complex issues that arise in curriculum reform. This session will also focus on the process of critiquing, and evaluating a curriculum, prior to reform and post-reform, providing participants with an exceptional set of skills with which to perform and manage their own process of curriculum reform and development.

Cost: Euros 90 (includes coffee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-conference Workshop participants must also register for AMEE 2019 and pay the conference fee.


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