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Delivery of Continuing Education

Involving Patients and Family in Achieving Meaningful Outcomes through Continuing Professional Development

Samar Aboulsoud, School of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt - Presenter
Alvaro Margolis, Global Alliance for Medical Education, Uruguay - Presenter
Paula Rowland, Wilson Centre, University Health Network; University of Toronto – Moderator
Carolin Sehlbach, Department of Education Development and Research, Maastricht University - Presenter
Lisa Sullivan, In Vivo Academy; GAME, Australia  - Moderator
David Wiljer, Society for Academic Medical Education (SACME); Education Technology Innovation, University Health Network; Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto – Presenter

This symposium will explore the involvement of patients, families, clients and service users in re-imagining the delivery of continuing education for healthcare professionals in diverse contexts to achieve better outcomes for a healthier world. The symposium will examine the origins and current state of patient involvement in continuing professional development (CPD) by presenting different models, theoretical perspectives, and practical approaches to involving patients.  Using an interactive, experiential case-based approach, the symposium will reflect on how patients from different global contexts have been engaged and involved in the lifelong learning of health professionals with particular attention to issues of personal and professional identitfy, cultural context, concepts of power and power sharing, therapeutic relationships and best practices.

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