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Embracing Postgraduate Training Diversity

BP18 - Embracing Postgraduate Training Diversity

Wednesday 9 September
Time:  0915-1015 and 1600-1700
Stream: 8
Theme: Postgraduate


  • Rille Pihlak, UK
  • Simon Gregory, UK
  • Juliana Sa, Portugal
  • Gustavo Salata Romao, Brazil
  • Sheyla Ribeiro Rocha, Brazil
  • Fedde Scheele, the Netherlands

Postgraduate training is critical to delivery of effective and high-quality care however, there are major differences in PGT around the world. Entrance exams, competences, assessments, length and setting of training, feedback and supervision, are only some of the disparities between specialty training programmes in different countries and continents. This best practise session will review the opportunities and challenges PGT faces around the world using the Ob-Gyn curricula as an example, with the hope of learning from the best examples and building a more unified training everywhere.

The acquisition of appropriate clinical competencies can be attained by different ways and it brings up critical issues of PG curricular span and designs. A broader perspective on diversity of PG training programs around the world enable reflections to face the challenges. Recent decades have seen major changes in PGT that are usually more due to pressures of the healthcare systems rather than based on medical education evidence. The session will introduce attendees to the diversity of PGT around the globe and will outline initiatives and results from medical education research that aim to improve PGT in different settings.


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