Evidence-Based Teaching is on today’s agenda     

Chair:  Madalena Patricio, University of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, Portugal  


  • Morris Gordon University of Central Lancashire Blackpool Victoria Hospital, UK

  • Michelle Daniel, University of Michigan Medical School, USA

  • Erik  Driessen, University of Maastricht Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, the Netherlands

Medical education is facing important challenges as a result of globalisation, changing public expectations, the need for greater accountability, rapid advances in medicine and healthcare delivery and the potential of new learning technologies.
Evidence-based-decision-making is implicit in the recognition of the need for professionalism and scholarship in the education of healthcare professions.

This session will explore how to move from education-based-on-opinion to education-based-on-evidence, including the different forms of evidence that can be used to support teachers’ decisions and how they can be accessed/adopted by teachers in their day-to-day practice.

A panel of contributors will introduce aspects of the issue, followed by an interactive discussion. The session will conclude with a summary of key take-home-messages.


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