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Exploring sustainable health care education

Planetary health and environmentally sustainable healthcare education: How do we do this?   

Chair: Michelle McLean, Professor, Medical Educator, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia


  • Sarah C Walpole, Infectious Diseases Registrar, Newcastle Hospitals and Associate Clinical Lecturer, Newcastle University
  • Nicole Redvers, Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota, USA
  • SanYuMay Tun, Medical Educator, Imperial College, London, UK


Our planet is under threat, largely as a result of our activities. Deforestation, pollution of land, waterways and air and rising temperatures impact on health and well-being. Since health care is resource-intensive and generates about 4.4% of the world’s carbon emissions, health professional educators need to educate a workforce to tackle these challenges. This Best Practice session will address ways of championing environmental sustainability at institutions and healthcare facilities, explore the role of Indigenous knowledge systems, discuss curriculum frameworks (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals) and describe student contributions to faculty development for planetary heath and sustainable healthcare education.

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