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BP6 - Faculty Development Beyond 2020 – Agility, Connection, Impact, Sustainability

Date:  Monday 7 September
Time:  1300-1400 and 1915-2015
Stream: 2
Theme: Education Management | Faculty Development

Chair:  Yvonne Steinert, McGill University, Canada

Page S. Morahan, Drexel University College of Medicine, USA
Teresa Chan, McMaster University, Canada
Ugo Caramori, University of Campinas, Brazil
Patricia S. O’Sullivan, University of California, San Francisco, USA

Faculty development has taken on a prominent role in health sciences education over the last 20 years, offering formal and informal programs and activities to many stakeholders in multiple contexts. During this Best Practice Session, we will highlight four areas of faculty development that, we believe, will change significantly over the next decade: leadership development; online faculty development; research and scholarship; and the role of students and residents as future faculty members.  These themes have also taken on new significance during the current coronavirus pandemic and we look forward to a timely discussion with participants.

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