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Is the role of the teacher mirrored in the role of the learner

BP15 - Is the role of the teacher mirrored in the role of the learner

Date:  Wednesday 9 September
Time: 0800-0900 and 1445-1545
Stream: 8
Theme: Education Management


  • Joy Rudland, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Tim Wilkinson, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Phillipa Lantwin, European Medical Students Association, Germany
  • Evangelos Papageorgiou, European Junior Doctors Assocation, UK


Twenty years ago Professor Harden produced the AMEE guide ‘The 12 roles of the teacher’.  This was superseded by the 8 roles of the teacher in 2018.  The information contained within these texts is invaluable for teachers considering and developing in their role.  However, on reflection this is a teacher centred approach to a dynamic relationship between the teacher, learner and the environment.   Learners do not always learn what teachers teach.  A more learner centred approach and one that potentially could have greater sustainability is to focus on the ‘roles of the learner’.  Learner roles may mirror the roles of the teacher e.g. learners processing information as a mirror to the teacher role of information provider, but equally other roles may be unique to the learner.  This session will explore the potential change in learners' roles over the last 20 years through the perspective of a undergraduate learner, a postgraduate trainee in clinical training and a senior consultant and will make proposals regarding how we envision the future roles of the learner and teacher and the relationship or partnership that should exist.

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