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Scholarship is not just research

BP11 - Scholarship is not just research: Nurturing scholarship in health professions education

Date:  Tuesdsay 8 SEptember
Time:  1145-1245 and 1800-1900
Stream: 1
Theme: Education Management


  • Eeva Pyörälä, University of Helsinki, Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Finland; AMEE Fellowship Committee
  • Subha Ramani, Harvard Medical School, Dept of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA; AMEE Executive Committee; AMEE Fellowship committee
  • Rashmi Kusurkar, Amsterdam University Medical Centre – location VUmc; Faculty of Medicine Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, AMEE Fellowship Committee

In this session, a subgroup of the AMEE Fellowship Committee plans to explore educational scholarship and discuss strategies to advance from teaching to scholarly teaching and to scholarship in health professions education. Following the footsteps of experts (Boyer 1990, Shulman 1987, Glassick 1997, Kreber 2002), we unravel the theoretical foundations of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and emphasize key criteria for scholarship- work is public, shared and peer-reviewed. The session provides examples and suggestions to transform educational products into scholarship, through workshops, mentoring initiatives and networking. We encourage building interprofessional and interdisciplinary communities to nurture scholarship both nationally and internationally.

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