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Digital Professionalism and Culture

FO3 - Digital Professionalism and Culture - Impact on Medical Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 0800-0900
Stream: 6
Theme: Student | Wellbeing


  • Hiroshi Nishigori, Center for Medical Education, Nagoya University, Japan

  • Ania Korszun, Queen Mary University of London, UK

  • Youn-Mee Lee, Department of Medical Education, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

  • Ali Ajaz, Queen Mary University of London, UK

  • Mariko Morishita, Center for Medical Education, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Although there is no doubt that our current technological advances have greatly enriched the field of education, there are also negative consequences for students of embracing digital technology devices. With the growing focus in medical professionalism curricula on supporting students’ mental health and wellbeing, many students have cited problems related to internet use and a reliance on digital technology devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers, as being a cause of stress. Internet addiction among medical students has been reported to be 5 times higher than that of general population.
In this symposium, firstly, we will discuss the underlying neuroscience of behavioural addiction and how it can disrupt learning and cognition and affect wellbeing. Secondly, we will address the negative impact on mental health through factors such as cyber bullying and dysfunctional social comparison. Thirdly, we will discuss the importance of teaching digital professionalism to our students and trainees; i.e. the professional attitudes and behaviours that are expected in online environments and how culture can influence these.

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