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Lifestyle Medicine for Better Health and Wellbeing

FO11 - Lifestyle Medicine for Better Health and Wellbeing in the COVID-19 Era

Date:  Wednesday 9 September
Time: 1445-1545
Stream: 6
Theme:  Education Management | Covid-19


  • Hassan Khan, Riphah International University, Pakistan
  • Shagufta Feroz, Riphah Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Riphah University, Pakistan
  • Rob Lawson, European Lifestyle Medicine Council, UK
  • Aviad Haramati, Georgetown University Medical Center, USA

An online forum session on Lifestyle Medicine and wellbeing is organised during the AMEE 2020 virtual conference. The speakers will cover the importance of wellbeing and lifestyle medicine in today’s challenging circumstances faced by health professionals due to COVID 19 pandemic. The session will include three pre-recorded presentations with 7-10 minutes duration each from international experts followed by 20-30 minutes of interactive discussion with the conference participants.

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