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Moving from eminence-based to evidence-based accreditation

FO14 - Moving from eminence-based to evidence-based accreditation: defining the field of accreditation research and charting its course

Date: Wednesday 9 September
Time: 1715-1815
Stream: 6
Theme: Education Management | General | Accreditation


  • Sean Tackett, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, USA

  • David Rojas, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Toronto, Canada

  • Ming-Jung Ho, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington DC, USA

  • Marta van Zanten, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, Philadelphia, USA

  • Cynthia Whitehead, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Toronto, Canada

Accreditation standards and processes encompass every medical school function and therefore affect everyone in medical education and are powerful levers for change. Despite growing international momentum for accreditation, accreditation research is rare, and there remains little evidence that accreditation is worth the sizable investment it commands. Broadening the pool of accreditation researchers should lead to evidence generation that improves accreditation effectiveness and efficiency.

In introductory presentations:
Dr. Tackett will overview accreditation research and opportunities for action based on a scoping review and research he co-authored.
Drs. Rojas and Whitehead will describe their experiences embedding a research program into their institution’s self-study.
Dr. Ho will describe her research working with new accrediting bodies which adapted existing standards to local contexts in Asia.
Dr. van Zanten will discuss research opportunities within the World Federation for Medical Education’s (WFME’s) recognition program.

We will invite questions from the audience and discuss:

  • What lines of inquiry would you like explored in UME accreditation research?

  • How might you access or collect the data needed for accreditation research?

  • How can you balance public reporting of accreditation data and maintaining school and stakeholder confidentiality?

  • What logistical, political, or other barriers might you face when attempting to engage in accreditation research? How would you navigate those barriers?

  • How can you identify collaborators or find funding for accreditation research projects?

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