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New Directions in Health Sciences Education

FO6 - New Directions in Health Sciences Education (IAMSE session)

  Tuesday 8 September
Time:  1645-1745
Stream:  8
Theme: Curriculum | Subjects | Foundational Sciences


  • Peter GM de Jong, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands (Moderator)

  • Cortny Williams, University of Western States, USA

  • Kelly Quesnelle, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, USA

  • Emily C Bird, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA


The presenters will discuss: the use of short videos and short cases to support distance learners to capture the learning objectives in online courses; a hybrid learning environment to combine physical and remote presence of students; and the implementation of a Virtual Student Council to improve online learning. The session will end with a live, interactive discussion with the audience.

Cortny Williams
Microlectures are well-known for focus on a granular learning objective. However, these short videos are designed to be viewed alone and the focus on brevity often excludes the opportunity for application and evaluation. Case study evaluations offer an opportunity for students to collaboratively apply their knowledge and expand their point of view, but most cases studies require integration of information from multiple microlectures. In this presentation, learn how to create microlectures with a targeted and interactive clinical correlate that increases collaboration in online learning one granular learning objective at a time.
Kelly Quesnelle
In this presentation, we will discuss using a model of hybrid learning where learners have the flexibility to attend some events remotely while other events can be attended on campus by a small number of learners. We will discuss planning and implementation of this curriculum, as well as the software and logistical details.
Emily Bird
We created a virtual student council focused on the distance learning needs of our first year students to improve online learning. Through student leadership we identified and addressed concerns including Zoom familiarity, identification of a virtual white board/chalk board, virtual anatomy, professionalism, isolation, virtual group studying, and Zoom fatigue. It has been a valuable asset to our overall curriculum due to our driven students who were empowered through this platform to improve online learning. Our model is straightforward and we encourage others to reproduce it due to its success!

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