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Simulation Committee Journal Club

FO2 - The AMEE Simulation Journal Club

Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 1915-2015
Stream: 6
Theme: Teaching and Learning | Simulation


  • Leizl Joy Nayahangan, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, Denmark
  • Kristian Krogh, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
  • Nancy McNaughton, University of Toronto, Wilson Centre for Research in Education, Canada
  • Jonathan Begley
  • Soffien Chadli Ajmi
  • Gerry Gormley

The AMEE Simulation Journal Club which started in 2016 is now a highlight every year at the AMEE conference. Organized by the AMEE Simulation Committee, the Simulation Journal Club aims to provide conference participants an interactive platform to stay abreast on the latest scientific discoveries and advances regarding simulation-based education. The Simulation Journal Club provides a stage to recognize and honour scholars and scientists in healthcare simulation who embark on and pursue important work to advance the field.

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