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Teaching clinical skills online - Part 1

FO7 - Teaching clinical skills online - Part 1: Where to start and what to think about (TEL Committee session)

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 1800-1900
Stream: 8
Theme: Teaching and Learning | Clinical


  • Rakesh Patel, University of Nottingham, UK

Clinical skills teaching has traditionally been taught in person on campus or clinical skills centres, and in the clinical workplace. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged that convention and caused educators to re-think the delivery of clinical skills teaching using online technologies. This Round Table Discussion introduces some of theoretical perspectives relevant to clinical skills teaching, through to the pragmatics of delivering clinical skills teaching online to large groups of learners. The focus of the discussion will be around the design, development and delivery aspects of the online clinical skills teaching using technology using student voices to spark and stimulate reflection on the challenges as experienced from the learner perspective.

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