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Engaging students in medical education

MC20 - Engaging students in medical education -  From A to Z

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time:  0915-1015
Stream: 5
Theme: Student


  • Ali Channawi, International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, Morocco

  • Alaa Dafallah, International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, Sudan

  • Marouane Amzil, International Federation of Medical Students Associations, Maroc

  • Catarina Pais Rodriguez, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal


As medical education takes a paradigm shift, it is crucial to reinforce how greater student engagement can be achieved. Currently, there isn’t any framework that provides guidance to medical students’ on active participation and representation in their education. Educators also find themselves at a loss on how to meaningfully engage students in their educational systems. As such, IFMSA developed The Advocacy in Medical Curriculum Toolkit; a collection of recommendations and references adapted to a student’s perspective to enable advocacy and representation for the development of medical education. In this masterclass, we will discuss student engagement in medical education and how to transition from tokenism to meaningful engagement. Together, we will reflect on different contexts to identify barriers and recommend positive actions to meaningful student engagement in your institutions- hear from the students themselves!

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