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Curriculum mapping for meaningful IPE

MC7 - Curriculum mapping for meaningful interprofessional medical education

Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 1300-1400
Stream: 3
Theme: Curriculum

Olaf Ahlers, LOOOP Project, Charite, Berlin, Germany
Jacqueline Jennebach, Society of Medical Faculties in Germany, Berlin, Germany
Shirra Moch, Centre for Health Science Education, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Glenda Eoyang, Human Systems Dynamics Institute, Circle Pines, USA

Integration is the primary challenge to robust, sustainable interprofessional learning (IPL). An effective program must cross more than disciplinary lines. Coordinating schedules, aligning IP learning objectives across intended outcomes/ competencies, assessment, and courses makes the design and implementation of an IPL program complex. Curriculum mapping ensures this alignment and structures the vast amount of available information in a transparent way which is essential for all accreditation processes.

This session gives an overview how curriculum mapping helps to design, plan, and implement integrated IPL programs. It also shares experiences within the international LOOOP network in which about 100 curricula are mapped.

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